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is there a definition of success?


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    If something is a success, it achieves what it was intented to achieve.

    If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all.

    Of course there is no formula for success except perhaps an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings.

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    Isn't it the definition the majority or those in power have of success?

    Sadly, in many cases, the rich and powerful are defined as successful, because their money and power seem to be the greatest things in the materialistic world we live in.

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    Success means to reach your goal.

  • Jai
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    1 decade ago

    Success to me is having achieved your life goals faster than you thought possible.

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  • goya80
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    1 decade ago

    Yes but the definition is different for everybody.

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