I'm looking for a pregnancy doctor that is more liberal in the dublin/columbus OH area?

I am looking for a doctor who is more liberal, meaning that they understand me wanting to go natural, and are not all about being induced and c-sectioned if you are not here by your due date. Our first doctor was not that great. All of my friends have doctors that are all about a c-section, that is not what I want. If you have any recommendations, that would be great!

Please no comments about going natural being crazy and all that...that's not why I am posting this question

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    ?? Most doctors strive for the patients to go natural. They only induce or give c-sections when there is no other option. All you have to do is tell the doctor what you want...he/she needs to abide by your wishes. It is a responsible doctor that provides you with all your options and chances of risks should you opt out of inducement or c-section.

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    I live just outside of Columbus and my OBGYN is in Marysville. I absolutely love them and they tend to be very willing to listen to your views and wants. I did use pain medication for my first and I was forced to have a C-section with my second, so I cannot guarantee they will be more willing to go all natural, but I don't see why not. Have you looked for a midwife or birthing center? The number for Marysville OBGYN is 937-644-1244. I absolutely love their OB unit at Memorial Hospital. That is where you would give birth if you became a patient. Good luck!!!

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