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Can rats be healthy again ?

after being diagnosed with a lung infection & finishing a course of antibiotics ? My other rat Roger now has an infection . It just seems to be one thing after another with these guys ...

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    yes they can be healthy them out with a really clean diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegies. No junk food while they are recovering!

    If you have any kind of shavings in their cage try using old towels instead for a while...wood shavings and the like can irritate ratties lungs and give them respiratory disease...think about it. How would it feel to be up to your ears in shavings and breathing particles of them in every breathe

    plenty of rest and quiet for those convalescing little ratties and they should soon be well

    good luck :D hope they are well soon

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    i no what u mean, My rat Amie had a tumor removed so was very weak, she then caught mites or fleas of the vet, then had some king of lung of breathing problems (still very weak). Then her hole from her tumor operation came opened about 3 times. Then her leg started rotting or something terrible like that. So on Monday they had to put her down :(

    But yeah they can get healthy again my rat was 2 and a few months so u no depends how healthy they were before, how young and how determined they r if u get me by that.

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    I am so sorry that your rats have been ill. I can tell how worried you are and I hope you will soon be informing us all is well again, as I am sure it will be. It is like when the children are ill and one gets an infection. He/she gets over it and then passes it on to the next one, and then the next one.

    I have a friend who has 5 children and it seems there is always one of them ill. Eventually each one in turn recovers, as I am sure your rats will. xx

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    like i have said before rats are prone to things like this due to all the testing and things.its a shame because they have loads of love to give.they are my favorite of the rodent clan.the ones bought from pet shops are the worst.rats are better bought from breeders although if we stopped buying them from pet shops they would be euthanized and given to hard at getting the antibiotics down them which i no you are and hopefully they will be well for a while but in my experience the problems will come back eventually and need treating again.we are considering more rats at the moment but i know its gonna be heart breaking again but they are soooo lovable we cant help ourselves.good look

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    Its always the way, i had two cats last year and nearly every week they were down with the vet, ear infections, problems with one of their eyes, i could go on, they are like kids at times, when one gets sick the rest do to, xx

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    they will be fine once they heal. it is like when u recover from a cold or the flu. a couple days later ur perfectly fine.(one rat probably spread the germs to the other)

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    What the hell has been going on in my absence

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