Condoleezza Rice v. Colin Powell?

Who was a better secretary of state for President Bush? Please, list accomplishment of each to compare. Now, I know this is a unfair question to Rice since she still has a few months and we don't know if there will be any after effect of her job but do your best. Please, stick to only what they have done as Secretary of State under President Bush.

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    Condoleezza has more character and intelligence in her little finger than Colin Powell ever had or will have. He always seemed to feel he didn't get enough recognition for his supposed greatness, for some bizarre reason resented those who overlooked his inadequacies and gave him his positions despite the fact that there were better men available who would have accomplished much more given the opportunity.

    In return, he stabbed everyone in the back and shifted alliance in order to support another person of color. What a total worthless loser.

    Condoleezza, on the other hand, has earned everything she's got and has proven herself powerful and effective. I hope she runs for president in 2012, she'll get my vote for sure.

  • sinha
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    4 years ago

    It hasn't. I wrote off Colin Powell while he supported Obama and he became his back on the Republicans.Powell isn't something yet a traitor and that i does not have confidence him in any White abode place now.I so in demand the guy while he became working for Bush and republicans,yet his selection to assist Obama with the aid of fact he's black makes my abdomen turn.He has shown that blacks helping Obama isn't something greater then a race difficulty.

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    They were and are both excellent Secretaries of State, however Rice has not yet had the opportunity to state what her beliefs are on her term in office. Her true measure will come when she has a few years distance from the White House.

    Source(s): Me, the political junkie Democrat.
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    Absolutely Colin Powell

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    Colin Powell, hands down. Powell managed to sell the war to the American people, and he had the common sense to step down when he saw that the people running the war were going to screw it up. He has knowledge and the credibility to back it up. It is because of his credibility that he managed to sell the Iraq War, and it is because of his knowledge and wisdom that allowed him to escape with his credibility in tact when he realized that Bush was going to lead the country down the wrong path.

    Condy hasn't managed to accomplish anything during her time as SoS. The one thing she had going for her was the shut down of the N. Korea nuclear program, and the status of that situation is in question at the moment. It's sad too, because she is an incredibly smart woman. It's even more sad that a smart woman like her managed to follow an idiot like George W. Bush.

  • cantcu
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    He lied for Bush to start the Iraqi conflict, which he now knows were lies! Why do you think he resigned.

    Rice for over 3 years was worthless! This past year she has done much better than I expected, but she is working for a lame duck!

    Powell isn't enthralled with her! Neither am I!

    I am not listing accomplishments as they are too few to name!

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    Over in Europe and in the Middle East, even in Israel, they have a new term, "Ricing around", meaning, "Do a lot of important running around and getting nothing done".

    Powell is still very highly regarded in the rest of the world today. When he talks I pay attention. When Rice talks, I confuse her with an infomerical.

  • Sophie
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    1 decade ago

    Rice. Powell quit.

    lol, it's just so hilarious to see the libs cheering on the man who made the case for the war that they hate.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You are a sexist that cannot see that Powell lost his job and they called it retirement

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    I think she understood the diplomatic work needed to get things done. She should stay on no matter who wins.

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