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1.Happy Company produces handbags. the total cost of producing handbags includes a fixed costs $ C and a production cost of $ 80 per handbag.

a) Write down the algebraic expression of total cost oh producing X hanbag.

b)If the total cost is $ 10.00 and the fixed is $ 2.800 ,set up an equation and

solve for the number of handbag produced.

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    想問樓主係咪打錯題目。因為production cost一個都要$80,(b) part o既total cost 又點可能係$10噤少?一個手袋都造唔到出o黎啦

    其實production cost 係咪$0.80先o岩?如果係,答案如此


    Total cost

    = fixed cost + production cost

    = C + 0.8x


    Since total cost is $ 10.00 and the fixed is $ 2.800, we have

    10 = 2.8 + 0.8x


    x= 7.2/0.8


    hence, the number of hangbag produced is 9

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