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食物安全中心 公布,一個馬拉糕樣本被檢出含三聚氰胺,超出了法定上限。



根據美國 食物及藥物管理局的標準,三聚氰胺的安全參考值(即每日可容忍攝入量)為每日每公斤體重0.63毫克。由於三十六個月以下嬰幼兒對「三聚氰胺」較為敏感,其每日可容忍攝入量則訂為每日每公斤體重0.32毫克。只要長期平均的攝入量不超出安全參考值,偶爾超出這個參考值並不會影響健康。


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    The food security center announces, a Mala cake sample is picked out including the melamine, has surpassed the legal upper limit.

    Today obtains the test result showed that in 75 samples, 74 qualified, related product including milk and milk class drinks, biscuit, cake and Chinese type package spot.

    The certified product sample is the Mala cake, the melamine content is 3.2/1000000, has surpassed 2.5/1000000 legal upper limits.

    According to American food and the medicine administrative bureau's standard, the melamine safe reference value (i.e. may tolerate amount of radiation every day) is every day each kilogram body weight 0.63 milligram. Because below 36 months the babies and infants are right “the melamine” to be more sensitive, it may tolerate the amount of radiation every day to subscribe for every day each kilogram body weight 0.32 milligram. So long as the long-term average amount of radiation does not surpass the safe reference value, occasionally will surpass this reference value not tell on health.

    Is picked out including 3.2/1000000 Mala cake sample, if one 10 kilograms (approximately three year-old) young boy every day edible approximately 1 kilogram (supposition each net weight approximately 126 grams, namely approximately 8) concerned Mala cake, or a body weight 60 kilogram adult every day edible approximately 11.8 kilograms (supposition each net weight approximately 126 grams, namely approximately 94) this product, it “the melamine” the amount of radiation may reach the safe reference value.


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