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? asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

How do you cope with stress?

How do you cope with stress? about 100 word

....please.....Thanks =]

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    How to cope with stress ?

    Firstly, we need to understand where the stress comes from.

    Everyone has his own stress.

    We need to find out the stress and study the ways to

    solve the problems. Then to stop the stress appears

    again and again.

    Secondly, we should discuss our stress with someone

    we can trust. We can share and get some opinions from

    others and it can help to reduce our stress.

    Thirdly, to control our diet may help to reduce stress.

    Drinking less strong tea, coffee and chocolate can help

    to reduce stress too.

    Finally, to do some exercise and sports can help to

    reduce stress. Relaxation exercise is proved helpful.


    我們要以正面的態度處理問題 – 積極、直接面對問題、衝破問題的障礙、尋求新方法或他人的協助、多做運動、多些休息以補充能量、從失敗中學習、繼續向上;我們要戒除負面的態度 – 消極、避開問題、走進問題的死胡同、偏執、吸煙、酗酒、濫用藥物、因失敗而沮喪。

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