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To piss you off

To piss you off點解?


仲有冇d差唔多o既 phrases?

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    to piss you off 係解 激嬲你.

    又唔係串, 但係有點兒惡惡地, 粗粗魯魯咁.



    可以講 too fxck you up. : P

    當第一身果個人嬲既時候, 可以講

    I'm pissed off.

    "Piss" 呢個字本身既意思係 "小解"

    用法: I wanna go for a piss.

    "Piss off" 可以係叫人死開/ 滾開

    都係惡惡地, 粗粗魯魯咁.

    用法: PISS OFF!!!!!!!!!!! ><"!!

    (use it when you're really angry, really pissed off, and when somebody is bothering you.)

    Hope this is helpful for you *v*~~~

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    仲有"to piss you off" 唔係正式既說法. [informal]

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    too fxck you up 冇咩人咁講

    fxck up = screw up = 攪X錯

    I wanna go for a piss: "go for"比較斯文"好少配合piss用,多數係講go to take a piss, go to piss

    Piss off 可以係叫人死開/ 滾開: 這樣用既人唔多, 要用就講fxck off

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    " to piss you off" = to make you mad, to make you angry or to irritate you.

    係咪寸人嫁? = NO!

    It just mans you want to make someone angry.


    He took my bike without telling me first. He really pissed me off.

    I pissed my brother off by not telling him where the store was.

    仲有冇d差唔多o既 phrases? = Yes!

    There are many of similar phrases.

    Here are some for you, pal.

    1) to drive you bananas ( British English)

    2) to drive you nuts ( Both American and British)

    3) to drive you up the walls ( British)

    4) to get on your nerves ( both )

    5) to make you so mad (both)

    6) to make you angry ( both)

    7) to make you lose your head( both)

    8) to make you jump to the ceiling ( British)

    I'd better stop here for there are just too many to count. :)

    Good luck!

    See you!

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    To piss you off = 激怒你

    差唔多o既 phrases: make you angry, drive you crazy

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