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英文對話(急需!)= =




也不要像"What,s your name?之類那種很簡單的= =(謎:你要求很多耶!?)

拜託一下 我會感激你的><"

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    因為萬聖節快來到 所以我想了一些關於萬聖節的party對話

    Chloe : Hi, Ray! Long time no see. How are you?

    Ray: I am doing well. How about you?

    Chloe: Good. What’s new?

    Ray. I am going to have a Halloween party at my house this weekend.

    Many friends are invited.

    We will all wear costumes for the Halloween.

    Do you want to come to my party?

    Chloe: Sure. How exciting. It will be so much fun.

    Do I need to bring something?

    Ray: If you want to. I will prepare some food and drink.

    And also I will have some scary movies ready for everyone to


    Chloe: Great. I will bring some dessert. Maybe a pumpkin pie will be

    a good idea.

    May I bring some friends to join?

    Ray: Of course! The party will be this Sat. It will start at 6:00pm.

    Chloe: OK! I will be there. Bye.

    Ray: Bye. See you at the party.

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