Where can I learn English grammar?

English is my first language and I try to use correct grammar so I'm not really looking to learn how to speak English.

What I'm looking for is where I can learn English grammar in the same way that you learn the grammar of new languages.

I'm learning Italian and we do pronouns, go through all the different tenses and we're learning all the correct terminology such as dependent and independent clauses etc.

But I was never taught all of this in relation to the English language, because I just sort of do it naturally, and I would really like to learn it because I'm fascinated by words and language.

So, any ideas?



Also, does anyone know when grammar was last taught in schools (in Western Australia)?

Because I'd be interested to know when they stopped teaching it as a subject, if it was ever one.

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  • Mary
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    I have mostly heard two contradicting opinions on this. While it would be hard for me to say as I am a native speaker of English, it seems it can be very easy and sometimes quite difficult. The main thing to notice about English is that you can't read/hear English and know the other side. English isn't phonetic, so it's hard to know how to pronounce words at times. The actual grammar of English for the most part isn't that difficult however. Our verbs can be easy yet a huge pain. I have a friend from Ecuador who told me this. Sometimes using the verbs was very easy, as verb conjugation in Spanish has many more rules. However, English is so irregular, he would sometimes struggle to remember how to use certain verbs in various cases. It seems overall though when you first begin learning English, it's quite easy, but then later becomes much more difficult. English can get ridiculously complex for those past 3-4 years of study.

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    I had the same problem when I was studying Spanish. It sucks!

    My prof suggested a book called "English Grammar for Students of Spanish" or something like that. I don't know if there is a similar book for Italian - but Spanish and Italian are very similar and you might even find the Spanish book helpful (its written in English, there are just examples in Spanish).

    I would check half.com or amazon.com to see if there's such a book for Italian. As I remember, the book is fairly small and inexpensive - but it helped me a lot!

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    I have really good books talking about this stuff. But really you can find everything online. Seriously you weren't taught English at School?

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    I really like this site: www.englishclub.com

    It's for ESL students but it has great simple explanations of the parts of grammar. It also has mini-quizzes that will help your comprehension. It's not terribly comprehensive but it's very good for the basic foundation of the English grammar.

    Hope it helps!

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    Try mla or apa format both are excellent.....Harbrace is the MLA format book that have everything you need to know about grammer for college level writing and such its a wonderful resource, I have kept mine for years and still refer to it when/if necessary.

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    in the college or university

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    Watch tv and concentrate on what and how they speak I am sure u will learn something

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    You can learn it yourself. By reading sensible stuff.

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    take Tofel.

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