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does the republican party want to suppress votes?

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    I think so. The voting registration deal with ACORN is suddenly an issue because it's found that new Dems greatly outnumber new GOP registrations. I remember that in FL during the las election where Jeb Bush had highway patrol set up check points near the Democratic precinct polling places to slow down traffic and keep people from casting votes. The GOP only wants GOP votes.

    You know, just because a registration card is filled in, a vote cannot necessarily be cast. You still need to be at the proper polling place and present a photo ID. If the address on the form is incorrect, how do you obtain the polling location ? There are many checks against mis identifying voters. The scariest thing is the votes cast that are not counted. If half the votes in a precinct are tossed, that can change the results dramatically ! However, as people are not as enamored with party line voting as they once were, this issue is also becoming not so important.

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    Dear Unfrozen Caveman,

    In such a fully developed country like USA, if a voter can not use his voting right, what is the fate of voters in developing and underdeveloped countries. The advanced technology should ensure protection of the civilians rights. I am more worried about this aspect rather than who becomes the President of USA and the mean and narrow minded path they adopt.

    It is high time that the people there in USA, especially the officials who also could not vote due to not finding their names, should fight for their right to franchise their vote and even if a single individual couldn't vote, the election should become void. Don't you think this is a serious matter?

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    republicans use this strategy to trim down the vote. they do not wish for some groups to vote as they do not vote republican. the party has been passing out misinformation to minorities, the uninformed, and those on the fringes of our society in order to instill fear and keep them away from the polls. i feel certain the republican party will bring many voter fraud cases this election in an attempt to gum up the works. the best thing you can do is vote, if legally eligible, no matter what anyone except the person at the polling station tells you. the republican party knows that the tide is against them. they are trying to find a way to escape the flood.

  • Bob O
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    Republicans have discouraged large voter turnout and especially low income voters ever since Ronald Reagan manipulated us into conservatism.

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    This link goes back to the Reagan days. The frightening thing is that this JERK still advises the GOP on political matters.

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    excellent article cavey!!!!why does it feel like we are only just scrapping the tip of the iceberg with this administration in regards to slimy politics?

  • Anonymous
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    Yes they are. They wanted everyone to vote in Iraq - but in America, not so much. If only we could go to the poll, vote, and dip our thumb in purple paint.

  • Peace
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, they probably want to make sure dead people and Mickey Mouse , convicted felons and other people who are ineligible to vote, do not vote.

    Crazy right?

  • Ernest
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    Yep, Yes, You got that right. History shows it to be true.

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    yes. low voter turn out usually favors republicans because there are more registered democrats than republicans

  • OLO
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    the only way they know how to win

    Source(s): election 2000 election 2004
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