Was Barack Obama really born in Kenya?

New reports say that Obama was really born in Kenya. Does anyone know if this is really true or another one of those rumors?


New reports say his birth cert is a fake and his grandma said she witnessed his birth in Kenya... google it. There is a lot on it. I don't know if it's true though.

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    You cannot run for president if you were not born on American soil. You also have to be 45 or older. You wanna check his driver's license too?


    Maybe that's why there's a law suit against him for it? He's running for president but some people are questioning whether he was born in America or not. Things online like a birth certificate, or driver's license can be fake. Leave the analyzing to the people who know what they're doing, instead of thinking you know everything without sufficient information. And also, McCain has shown proof of a valid birth certificate and is eligible to run for president. He was born on a military base I've heard while his father was stationed there (an American military base) so it's still legal.

  • Amy
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    President elect Barack Obama was not born in Kenya. His biological father is from Kenya though. If he was born in Kenya he would not even have been considered to be a presidential candidate for the US. Any presidential candidate must be a natural US citizen which means they have to have been born on US soil for them to be eligible for the oval office.

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    I also so a video where there's a lawyer in Pennsylvania that declares that his birth certificate is a fake one and this lawyer is Democratic. Obama's past is just not so clear. Why would anybody want a President that has a questionable past? We don't know all of the people in Obama's past that has helped him to get as far as he has gotten' in this election and we don't know the price that he will be asked to pay for his election if he is elected!

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    There is a lawsuit at the moment as his Kenyan grandmother said she was at his birth in kenya! The lawsuit is filed by a man called Berg. You can find all the legal papers on this on youtube. He supposed to be born in two different hospitals in Hawaii.

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    All you people who said he was born in Hawaii... I'm sorry, were you there?

    WE JUST DON'T KNOW, DO WE??? And the Obama campaign won't provide proof.

    I think THAT is the central point here. We just don't know.

    McCain might not be legal, either!

    I say OUT WITH THE BOTH OF THEM! They're both CFR members, anyways. I thought America wanted a change... you won't get it by voting between 2 more CFR members.

    Source(s): Killowen and Anjoe are absolutely right in referring everyone to the ongoing Phil Berg case. The recent ruling is Obama has 30 days to provide SOME proof that he was born in Hawaii. Of course, the election is in 2 weeks... My point is, don't just blindly give these folks the thumbs down! They are talking about REAL information! Most everyone else here is just talking out their @$$, or lashing out in a desperate attempt to preserve their existing world-view! AWWWW... someone's information casts doubt on the purity of your beloved cult leader? F*** Obama and McCain and all the McBama supporters. You're all voting for the same system, you IDIOTS. Good day.
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    This is False. Barack Obama was born in the United States of America. He is an American citizen. NO I will not google this nonsense.

    Source(s): You can be born outside of the US as long as your parents are US citzens. John McCain was born inPanama while his father was stationed there.
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    no! he was born in kansas. his dad was originally from kenya and was born there, but then he met his mom who was from kansas and they had him.

    If obama was born in kenya he wouldn't be allowed to be the president...

  • You cannot run for president if you were not born on American soil. You also have to be 45 or older. You wanna check his driver's license too?

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    birth certificate that has been verified by the State of Hawaii as authentic and untampered with


    signed by the appropriate person


    including the raised seal


    here is the blow-up version


    Certified by Hawaii here:


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    No, his father was. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.

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