I used to think i was straight but this section of YahooAnswers is the only one I love!?

I'm female, finding that this is the only section on Yahoo that i visit, the only place I read, answer and ask questions ... am I fully gay? Or Bi? Cos i visualise myself wti guys - I'm attracted to guys ... i think. and I'd like a boyfriend. But what really gets me is women. Especially older women in their 30s and 40s. I really, really want to get with a woman, have a deep relationship with a woman, experience her, have her experience me. I love creative writing and never stop - and all my stories, since I was, like, 10, involved a woman (but not sexually until the last few years. now i'm 18. What once in my stories was admiration is now attraction, I'm realising). I fantasize more and more about women, and I'm even considering going to a strip club or somewhere else to get an experience. So am i gay? Straight? I'm sooo confused!!!


No, I don't mean jsut sexually attracted - that's good too, but I actually love women in a way I don't and can't love guys. If a guy said he loved me, I'd so much rather a woman to say it.

And I don't believe sex after marriage and only to make kids - afterall, if I'm bi or whatever marriage is kinda my enemy. Sex is also to experience people, to show how much you love them by giving THEM a wonderful time, to get as close as possible.

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    Maybe it took seeing what it meant to other people to recognize it in yourself. You don't have to start off asking if you are gay or straight, but perhaps wherein the spectrum of bisexual would you fit. Would you find yourself fulffilled with a woman? Do you want a boyfriend because you are supposed to and they make you feel secure?

  • You are wraped up in sex, sex is not love, love first the opposite sex and then sex in marriage to have children and make a family

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