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Of the actors(male) you love who had the most complete acting skills?

We all have our favorite actors and favorite films?Im going to mention a few who may not even be on your list, and that's fine as i would like to hear your views too and favorite films they were in.

Amongst my greats would be Dustin Hoffman amazing in Tootsie,Robin Williams Good Morning Vietnam,Clark Gable Gone with the Wind,John Wayne The Searchers,Kevin Costner Dances with Wolves,Jack Hawkins the Cruel Sea to name just a few...

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    If I could venture out onto the eccentric,

    John Cleese, "Tim the Magician", Monty Python & the Holy Grail

    Patrick Stewart "Jean Luc Picard", Star Trek Next Generation series

    Peter Faulk "Columbo", Columbo series

    Daniel J Travanti "Capt Furillo", Hill Street Blues series

    Jonathon Harris, "Dr Zachary Smith", Lost In Space series

    James Spader, "Alan Shore" Boston Legal series

    H. Jon Benjamin, "Coach John McGuirk", et al (voice over) Home Movies

    ... to name a few. Details as conditions warrant.


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    For me, Anthony Hopkins understands film acting about as well as anyone. Almost any film he's done. Ditto Michael Caine.

    Zelijko Ivanek, Brian F. O'Byrne and David Morse. Val Kilmer is an acting god. These are consistent actors for my money.

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    You also forgot Clancy Brown. ;D

    Totally nailed his roles in Shawshank Redemption, Highlander and Carnivale.

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