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My cat has feline leukemia? ?

He contracted it when he was 2, and know he is 7 and is doing just fine. His blood test last month confirmed he had the disease, but that his blood looked normal. Why has my cat been so lucky and not have died from complications or sickness? He doesn't take any special medicines.

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    Feline Leukemia is different than human leukemia. Cats can live full and happy lives with the disease BUT it is extremely contagious to other cats. I hope your cat isn't an outdoor cat because he's spreading the virus to all the neighborhood cats. If he is, bring him inside straight away. You also need to let your friends/relatives that have cats know that you have a Feline Leukemia positive cat and they will need to take special precautions so they don't bring it home to their cats (change of clothes preferably). When the leukemia kicks in your cat will pass very quickly but until then he will be fine (in many cases cats don't actually die from the leukemia but from some other age-related illness). At the shelter I work at all cats are euthanized immediately if they test positive for feline leukemia so not to put the rest of the cat population at risk. Good luck with your kitty.

    Source(s): Animal shelter worker.
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    no clue! what does your vet say?

    i would say you and your cat are lucky..AIDS is kind of the same way in humans. some can live for a long time and others just go downhill very quickly. could be any number of factors.

    but either way, i hope he lives a long and happy life!

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    some cats are immune to certain viruses and diseases. you and your cat are just very, very lucky.

    be very thankful, and dont take him for granted!

    i hope you and your cat are happy together for many more years :)

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