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How many holes does a vagina have, and which is used for what?

I was just wondering about the vagina, just incase i get in a situation, i would like to know which hole the clitorus is is, and what the other are used for.

I would like to be able to know, just in case!!

Any suggestions on how to do it or experiences or answers would be gratefully recieved.

Thanks alot


I know the clit isn't a hole - didnt mean to put that

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    The vagina only has two holes, but one is the urthera and it's too small for you to worry about. Just pay attention to the big's the onlyyy one you need to worry about.

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    Rather than get into details on this forum, I suggest that you should find a book that illustrates what you're asking about. If you don't find one at a bookstore, perhaps the school nurse can help you.

    It sounds like you need quite a bit more information than just the answer to your specific question.

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    The clitorus is not a hole, it is a bump above the opening to the vagina (which is only one hole). The clitorus is like the head of the penis, VERY sensitive and full of nerves. Most women need stimulation there in order to orgasm.

    Women have three "holes." From front to back it is vagina, urethra, and anus.

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    Urethra= for urine or pissing hole

    Vagina= for sexual activity, inserting cock here for sexual

    Anus= Pooping hole

    clitoris which is in the top of the urethra is not a hole but most sensational part of a girl while sexing with her.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    if youve had periods you have a vagina, thats where the blood comes from. if you have none then you would have periods at all. look online for diagrams and use a mirror to find where it is, the blood comes from where the tampon needs to go.

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    The anus is not part of the vagina and the clitoris is not a hole. Google it ... you should find labeled pictures/drawings.

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    your vagina haastwo holes the top one is for pissing and the utheir one is you sd for s..e..x

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    Urethra= piss hole

    Vagina= ***** hole

    Anus= shitt hole

    Oh the clitoris is not a hole. Go to sex ed classes


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    WOW! since when do they let 6th graders ask questions?

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    does it hurt girls to get fingered in there pee holes?

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