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Come Nov. as the cold hits the Northern states will you?

be ready to vote for a man who said:

"We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times ... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK," Obama said.

"That's not leadership. That's not going to happen," he added.

Are you ready to let government tell you how warm your home can be?


Michael Levi, a Council on Foreign Relations energy policy expert, was asked about the specifics of Obama's oil-saving goals, detailed on the candidate's Web site. He says they can be achieved if politicians have the will to pursue the various regulations in the plan.

Asked about the general issue of "dependence" on Middle Eastern or Venezuelan oil, Levi added an important caveat: While dependence on these sources of oil can be reduced in 10 years, it won't be eliminated. Oil trades on world markets, and its cost and supply are affected by those large markets in the Middle East and Venezuela, he said — whether the United States would hypothetically choose to trade with them or not.

"We could choose to restrict ourselves geographically, but that would make fewer options for supply and we'd end up paying more," Levi said.

Update 2:

Obama is supported by Arab oil money (Price Alaweed is a Saudi, for example) Obama cannot allow us to drill for that reason. He can allow oil prices to go through the roof though, and he can also let oil supplies be short of consumption, which would make his backers very happy. More money for less product, simple economics and cold Americans

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    That's Socialism!

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    Ron Paul will be on the ballot in Louisiana and Montana...

    This is a very important and interesting development in the political landscape as we proceed toward the Presidential Election in November 2008. What this means in effect is that a very likely possibility exists that Ron Paul (for President) and Michael Peroutka ( for V.P.) could very well be the winning political ticket in Montana and Louisiana. Numerous Republican voters who are dissatisfied with the McCain/Palin ticket may very well desert on Election Day to the Paul/Peroutka ticket. Such a shift in the voting of the people voting in Montana and Louisiana, could very likely result in NO MAJORITY IN THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE. This of course would result in the Election of 2008, being determined by the Congress. The Congress will then select the next President and V.P. of the United States of America. It in fact does not have to be any of the candidates for President or V.P. , all that is required is that the majority of the votes be cast for the new President and his V.P. Most likely with a broad spectrum of political opinions among the candidates who received electoral votes, a compromise ticket is a distinct possibility!!!

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    Apparently, he is not all that familiar with how some of us live.

    I have never had my heat up to 72, you wear warmer clothes, my family always has and now my kids live the same way. I guess Obamas up bringing on gov. money allowed for more fuel than my dad and my husband an I have in our earned budgets.

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    Wow, that's the weakest Obama argument I've seen all week.

    Just because he is suggesting conservation and weaning ourselves off foreign oil, doesn't mean that he is going to dictate the temperature of our homes, or the size of our SUVs.

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    Are you ready to not have any energy because you're driving that big gas guzzler. Everyone needs to conserve in someway. I drive a hybrid and our home stays comfortable at 70. My husband and I are trying to do our part plus, I get to keep more cash in my pocket to buy things I want and not just need.

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    I would love for my house to be 72 in the winter and in the summer. It is usually 65 in the winter and 95 in the summer. So my answer is Y NOT

  • Im ready for America to stop being dependent on oil.

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