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is testosterone responsible for the current financial crash?

just saw a report on the news stating that some scientists believe that men with high testosterone levels take much larger risks when investing. they also stated that women and older males who are stock traders and portfolio managers tended to make more level headed decisions. the studies they conducted also showed that when men with lower levels of testosterone were exposed to men with higher testosterone levels, over time their testosterone levels rose as well. thus creating a testosterone frenzy of sorts.

now, don't kill the messenger boys. i'm just asking about something i heard... your thoughts?

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    I think the financial crash is due to unbridled capitalism-too much greed with too little ethics. And no, I don't believe pure socialism and communism work-but neither does pure capitalism. So now we have partially socialized the US banks, and at various times have bailed out US private auto companies, US private airlines, and the US partial and fully private mortgage companies, and have various levels of government regulation of public utilities such as heating oil and electricity. We've controlled milk, meat and various food prices since the depression, so we didn't starve like we were doing in the great depression in the 30's. US gas prices, health care, and the banks weren't very well regulated for the last few decades, and which of these have been out of control for the last few years? Uh huh. Deregulation has definitely created an incredible competition in the US: Just who can rip off the most Americans, bankrupt them, destroy their retirements, make the most money and walk away with their pockets full of greenbacks? Worldcom, Enron, Walmart?

    Who will ultimately win the game, and ruin the most Americans while laughing all the way with their golden parachute into the sunset? Talk about a lack of is interesting just who are the whistle-blowers, though, maybe there is something to that testosterone theory:

    Source(s): Time magazine 2002 Persons of the Year: "Women who took huge risks to blow the whistle on what went wrong at Worldcom, Enron and the FBI":
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    The Federal Reserve, Freddie and Fannie and the politicians that would not listen to the auditors that said we were heading for a crash. Maxine Waters, Barney Frank are mainly responsible. Chris Dodd and Obama got more campaign contributions from Freddie and Fannie than anyone. It was the Democrats that appointed other Democrats to head up Fannie and Freddie that took hundreds of millions in bonuses. The Bush administration went to Congress 17 times and warned that if control was not taken over Freddie and Fannie that we would have an economic collapse.

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    I cannot help wonder if Mr. Bush took our tax dollars and funded that testing as well.

    If testosterone could be blamed for incorrect logical decisions, something would have been cited long ago and a "cure" or remedy of sorts would be available. So you're saying that if women managed with other women, this wouldn't be a problem, correct?

    I've seen women together in groups and there are always anamosity and cat fights.

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    Maybe Denial, rather than risk - taking, is the real culprit, I'd offer.

    People want to believe that greed capitalism will survive. It won't. It has exported jobs overseas. It has sent vast sums of money to Middle Eastern countries. It has impoverished our educational organizations. It is short-sighted for immediate profit rather than long-term stability. It is self-destructive. It is Republican. It must be destroyed, and the only question is whether we do it in a controlled, orderly manner of transition, or in violent upheaval.

    An economic system really depends more upon mutual cooperation and sharing, rather than everyone grabbing what they can and being guided by the "invisible hand of self-interest". Socialism is the only acceptable economic system in the modern world.

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    You are real close here. It's all about something wet & gooey called oil. If you track the gas prices going up & then back down the stock market follows. Also when you pay off debt with borrowed money something is bond to break.

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    No testosterone is not responsible an economy built on debt is!

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    I heard a similar story recently on NPR, and one of the interviewee subjects recommended that if you want a financial manager who will make money but not expose you to excessive risks, go with either a woman or a man over 50.

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    i dun't know, this testosterone thing has made me dizzy. All i see is testosterone

    i think the testosterone spent on Iraq has ran you out of money.

  • Great theory. For once they are not blaming PMS. However, that would mean that they would have to allow women to be in charge.

    It is a good theory relative to the crisis.

    I would like to believe so, but it is far fetched.

    Source(s): You will notice that those who resemble the remark get all defensive. There goes more testosterone.
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    If you can find a link between testosterone and greed then I'd say yes.

    But, AFAIK, women can be greedy too.

    If you have women around greedy men - do they (women) get greedier than they would if there weren't greedy men around them?

    It's all about the bottom line ... isn't it?!

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