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Which HRT is safe for me with strong family history of cancer.?

I am 37 and have had a hysterectomy and my ovaries removed. My dr is not sure which HRT to advise me to take. My mum had 2 different types of breast cancer and i am at moderate to high risk of developing it too. I also only have 1 functioning kidney! I only need it to prevent osteoporosis.Please can anyone with medical background help me.

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    With your history it really isn't advisable to take hrt. Since you aren't taking it for menopausal symptom relief, you would be much better served by taking one of the medicines specifically to prevent or control osteoporosis. Have you had a base line bone density test yet/ If not, your Dr. should order one now so that you can track your bone health and be sure your preventative medicines are working adequately. I am concerned that your Dr. couldn't advise you properly on HRT. i think it would be advisable for you to find a new Dr. who can more adequately speak to your health issues/concerns. If you should develop difficulty with menopausal symptoms there are alternatives to HRT that would be safer for you to take. ie; vaginal estrogen creams that don't cause systemic risks etc. Be aware that herbal menopausal replacements can carry some of the same risks to women with your health history, always check with your (new I hope) Dr. before starting any over the counter supplement. Good luck to you.

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    Well your doctor is obviously clueless. Maybe you should see a doc that specializes in bio identical hormones. They would check your levels and probably give you all three estrogens (estriol is thought to be extremely protective against cancer) instead of one synthetic (estradiol/premarin).

    "A study called the Women's Health Initiative indicated increased risk of heart attack, stroke, breast cancer, and blood clots in the legs or lungs in women receiving treatment with a product containing conjugated oestrogens 0.625 mg and the progestogen medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA). The researchers stopped the study after 5 years when it was determined the risks were greater than the benefits in this group. The Women's Health Initiative Memory Study indicated increased risk of dementia in women aged 65-79 years taking conjugated oestrogens and MPA. There are no comparable data currently available for other doses of conjugated oestrogens and MPA or other combinations of oestrogens and progestogens. Therefore, you should assume the risks will be similar for other medicines containing oestrogen and progestogen combinations.

    The estrogen and progestogen (this is not progesterone) used in these studies and in HRT are synthetic and chemically different from what is produced in the body.

    I would never let my mother go on synthetic HRT knowing what I know. Please change docs and do your research, google things like natural progesterone, Dr.Lee, estrone, estriol...

    Source(s): http://raypeat.com/articles/ - articles from a biochemist and expert on hormones especially progesterone and estrogen. http://raypeat.com/articles/articles/estrogen-prog... Estrogen, progesterone, and cancer: Conflicts of interest in regulation and product promotion.
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