is nation wild marketing inc a scam?

they sent me a check for 3,490.50. and told me to deposit it into my account.i did and i have to wait till it clears and then call her 4506753198 i was just gonna spend some of the money and not western union them nun what u think i should do. i want 2 just keep the money and not send then a dime

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    What did you decide to do? I received one too and am unsure if it is legit. I participated in a Walmart survey last Spring and thought maybe it was because of that....

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    I also received this letter. Don't bother calling Nation Wild in'd end up calling Quebec, Canada, the letter CAME from Canada. London Economics is an actual company, since they're on the check as the issuer, they're the ones you should be calling. I did and as soon as I began to explain the reason for the call the young lady continued, "and you got a check from us?"...she already knew. According to her (Courtney) people have called pretty much from every state for this. They currently have the police/FBI looking into the scam.

    If you received this letter, call LEI at (617)933-7200 and let them know. They might ask what state you're calling from as well as a callback number in the case they need to call for follow-up. If you can, also fax them the letter and copy of the check at (617)933-7201 so they can forward it on to the authorities.

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    Yes- This is a scam. It is a variation on the secret shopper scam. The check seems to come from a real bank and a real company, but it is fraudulent.

    Don't spend the money. There isn't any.

    Check out Canadian scams.

    Check out Western Union scams.

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    I received a check for the same amount today. I was pretty certain it had to be a scam, nobody just sends you a check for $3500 and expects you to cash it then work for them. Wonder what would happen if I cashed the check, would it go through, I doubt it. Hope no one gets taken in by this.

    Source(s): I Googled Nation Wild Marketing and this is what came up
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    Ohh my god...we just got a check as well for the amount of 3490.50..the chek is drawn to a bank of london Economics international LLC out of Boston..the marketing is in NY..and the return address is in Ontario..and google search it..this is what I came up with ..lool..thans for the FYI.

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