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Civics i need help ...?


Which clause in the Constitution assures that the decisions and acts of one state will be respected in other states?

A. Elastic Clause

B. Full Faith and Credit Clause

C. Due Process Clause

D. Extradition Clause


If a person commits a crime in one state and is caught in another state, which of the following must occur in order to return the suspect to the state of the crime?

A. extradition

B. consolidation

C. plea bargain

D. continuation


When citizens propose laws or changes in state constitutions, it is called __________.

A. legislating

B. lobbying

C. lollygagging

D. initiative


The state official with powers similar to those of the President is the __________.

A. state senator

B. attorney general

C. governor

D. ombudsman


Court cases that deal with an individual breaking a law are called __________.

A. criminal cases

B. civil cases

C. misdemeanors

D. municipal cases


Court cases that deal with disputes between people or businesses are called __________.

A. criminal cases

B. civil cases

C. misdemeanors

D. municipal cases


Regulations or laws passed by local lawmaking groups are called __________.

A. charters

B. municipalities

C. townships

D. ordinances


The act of citizens removing an elected official from office before the next election is called a __________.

A. recall

B. referendum

C. proposition

D. None of the above


Which of the following is/are used by most states to select judges?

A. popular election

B. legislative appointment

C. governor appoints

D. All of the above


The chief executive of many cities/towns is the __________.

A. mayor

B. councilperson

C. attorney

D. city boss


Which of the following is the only example of a unicameral legislature?

A. New Jersey

B. Oklahoma

C. Rhode Island

D. Nebraska


Turnover is high in most state legislatures because of ______________.

A. low pay

B. lack of time

C. lack of adequate support staffs

D. All of the above


Which state official assumes the power of governor when the governor is out of the state?

A. attorney general

B. lieutenant governor

C. secretary of state

D. state senator


The highest court in each state is called that state's __________.

A. Supreme Court

B. Appeals Court

C. General Court

D. Upper Court


Which of the following are the largest, generally, in terms of population and geographic size?

A. precincts

B. villages

C. townships

D. counties


Which of the following terms also means money or public funds?

A. grants

B. property

C. revenue

D. appeals


Money given to states by the federal government to use for the public good is called __________.

A. taxes

B. revenue

C. grants

D. commissions


Which of the following city government plans is the most common in the United States?

A. mayor-council

B. council-manager

C. commission

D. None of the above


Which process of selecting state judges is the least political?

A. gubernatorial appointment

B. plea bargaining

C. popular election

D. the Missouri Plan


One way of easing the problems population shifts have caused county government is _________.

A. overlapping jurisdictions

B. city-county consolidation

C. revenue sharing

D. school unity


In 1896, the Supreme Court of the United States said that segregation of the races was legal in which of the following court cases?

A. Brown v. Topeka

B. Roe v. Wade

C. Lewis v. Martin

D. Plessy v. Ferguson


Which court case reversed the "separate but equal" ruling?

A. Brown v. Board of Education

B. Plessy v. Ferguson

C. Vern v. Duba

D. Marbury v. Madison


Which of the following lawyers was involved in the Brown decision and later became the first African American to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court?

A. Jim Crow

B. Lyndon Johnson

C. W.E.B. Du Bois

D. Thurgood Marshall


Bringing different races together in public schools is called __________.

A. school consolidation

B. school unity

C. school segregation

D. school desegregation


What is a unicameral?

A. a one-house legislature

B. a one candidate election

C. the first step in the legislative process

D. the first step in a referendum

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    I refuse to do your homework for the time you took to type all this out, you could have googled everything and been DONE with it!

    And people wonder why young kids don't know who the president is in those "man on the street" interviews.....this is why, right here......

    Source(s): Sidenote: Ok, people mean to insult when they call me "old school" but I find it interesting that at 48 years old, I knew the answers to 23 out of the 25 questions YEARS after I learned this stuff in high school..... The "Old Fashioned" way........
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