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1. $3200 is divided among Winnie , Tom and David. If Tom receives three times as much as Winnie, while David receives four times as much as Winnie,how much does Winnie receives ?

2. Bobby saves a fixed amount of money every say. He finds that the price of a model is $70 more than his savings in 5 days or $10 more than his saving in 9 days. How much does he save each day?

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    1.let Winnie receives money be y

    Tom=3 times Winnie


    David=4 times Winnie


    3200= tom + david +winnie




    therefore winnie receives $400

    2. let y be the money he save each day and n be the price of the model

    5y +70=n (1)

    9y +10=n (2)

    sub (1) into (2)

    5y +70 =9y +10



    therefore he save $15 each day

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    let the amount for winnie be x

    Tom : 3x , David : 4x

    3x+4x+x = 3200

    8x = 3200

    x = 400

    ∴winnie receives $ 400

    let the amount he save be x

    5x+70 = 9x+10

    4x = 60

    x= 15

    ∴he saves $ 15 everyday

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