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1. I get up at 8.00 everyday.

2. I go to work at 8.30 everyday.

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    1. I have my breakfast on the bus everyday.

    2. I go to work by bus everyday.

    3. We have a meet with our boss before work everyday.

    4. I have my lunch with my coworkers in the restaurant everyday.

    5. I have to solve all the problems that my clients have everyday.

    6. Before I get off the work, I have to tell my boss what I did all day.

    7. The bus is full of people in rush hour everyday.

    8. Before I go home, I like to go to 7-11 to buy my dinner.

    9. After my dinner, I like to sit down and watch the news on TV.

    10. I have to go sleep before 23:00 in order to get up early next day.

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    1. 我每天都在公車上吃我的早餐。

    2. 我每天都搭公車去上班。

    3. 我們在開始工作前都要和老闆開會。

    4. 我每天都和同事們在餐廳享用午餐。

    5. 我每天都要幫我的顧客解決他們所有的問題。

    6. 我每天下班前都得和老闆報告我今天做了什麼事。


    8. 在我回家以前,我喜歡到7-11買我的晚餐。

    9. 吃完晚餐後,我喜歡坐下來並看電視新聞。

    10. 我必須在23:00前睡覺,這樣隔天才有辦法早起。


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    i take an afternoon nap in the afternoon


    I write the schoolwork at 7:00 pm


    i take a bath at 9:00 pm

    晚上九點 我會洗澡

    i go to bed at 10:00 pm


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