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What's a good form of martial arts for a woman to take?

Thinking about taking a martial arts class, I'm in my late 20s, and I'm not sure what to take.

Any ideas?

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    I HIGHLY recommend judo or Brazilian Ju Jitsu, or both. The reason being is if a man attacks you he wants you on the ground. These two arts will teach you how to not be on the ground, win from the ground or send your assailant crashing to the ground while you are still standing. One of the main reasons I suggest these arts is because you will KNOW how to use your art on some one who is trying to stop you from using it. Many forms that were mentioned (aikido) practice very little like that. Normally it is one person doing one move and you counter that one move, while the person knows exactly what you are going to do. Though I think they work they do not work as quickly. lets say some one walks up from behind you and tries to choke you and pull you to the ground. Judo throw when he tries to get up you(if he can) you take his back and choke him unconscious. How about if he tries to take you down you know how to choke him out before he can or once your on the ground you just get back up(that is one of the first things you are taught in BJJ). Lets say you are down and you pull guard. now you can break his arm take his back break his shoulder or choke him out with various other chokes.

    I highly recommend them. I know a lot of people do not like them because of the hype but they do work and you know you can use them quickyl becasue your opponent in them is not doing robot type actions with preset ideas of what you are going to do. you actually do the to a live resisting person.

    if you need street proof google the blind judo guy who threw and pinned a would be mugger who had already punched him in the face. You can also use many other arts. There was a Karate lady who knocked out a would be mugger. But the fact remains unless you train against some one who is fighting you it will take A LOT longer to be able to use those arts in a street situation, if ever. do not get me wrong I think the have a good place but arts like judo will help you a lot faster.

    I do also reccomend taking a self defense course. Many of them have done studies in to how people react to certain situations. I have met the woman self defense instructor at our local college and she has a proven record of how many of the females that have defended themselves agains would be attackers.

    good luck

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    Hello Swak!

    Any martial art can benefit you in what you want, whether it's self defense, fitness or discipline. But it all boils down to how good your instructor is of a teacher and how much effort YOU as a student puts into it.

    Now, though some schools can be good, it is true that some can learn one aspect faster than another.

    So for strict Self Defense you have:

    Krav Maga: Israeli Street Defense, usually used in the military.

    Eskrima: Filipino Martial Art that is trained with knifes and sticks and open hand combat.

    Wing Chun: The Chinese art of trapping (I practice this) Great self defense if you find the right school, Luckily I found one of the 2 best kwoons in cali. Made by a woman.

    There are also some places that teach plain old CQC (Close Quarters Combat) In general. They take anything that's useful and discard the useless.

    Why did I not mention arts like Karate, Tae Kwan Do, etc.? Because though those give you the idea of self defense, they take longer to get good at, because you are being built physically, mentally, and spiritually to. The only traditional art(s) i listed there are Wing Chun and Eskrima.

    Most importantly, find a good school, good teacher, and avoid contracts!

    Oh, and Most of these can give you a great fitness workout!

    Muay Thai/Kick Boxing is great fitness, but it only teaches one aspect of fighting.

    BJJ is good to but it's the same as listed with Muay Thai, that's why people mix them up.

    Another great pure fitness is Capoeria, it is a break dancing art but it very rare to find.

    But in reality, most if not all (except sumo) martial arts were made for smaller people to take down bigger people! So you have more to choose from but most importantly, find a good instructor, good price, and spill your heart out in that school!

    If you live in Southern Cali, I can possibly help you. Good luck with your journey!

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    Wing Chun, Brazzilian Jiu Jitsu, and Kenpo Karate

    out of these 3 the best one would be Kenpo Karate cause it doesnt take much upper body strength, all the power comes from rotation and downward momentum, and it was created for multiple opponents

    Source(s): 9 years of martial arts experience
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    A woman can take whatever martial art she wants.

    I suggest looking at what is available in your area and finding out which ones spend the most time on fighting applications and sparring.

    Check out youtube for a look at what each style typically looks like in action.

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    Cooking-fu? Kidding. You say 'woman' as if you are dainty and fragile. In that case I would suggest a simple TKD class or Aikido is always flowing and gentle. Aikido is my choice for you.

    Check it out, see what you think. Then just check with local martial arts dojos or get on google.

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    Aikido. It does not require strength or size. There are no competitions.

    People who want to do MA to beat people up get frustrated quickly because it takes so long to master, so you will be training with some of the nicest people you ever want to meet.

    Once mastered, it's extremely effective.

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    What is your intent?

    Competition and sport then bjj would be good.

    Escaping violent attacks then AIKIDO would be better .

    I wouldn't suggest striking arts for women there is just to much in terms of violence and types of attacks directed at women they don't cover.

    Side benefits is the health and energy aspects and confident appearance and posture.If you look like prey to predators you become their target .

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    This one would recommend the study and practice of aikido, the art of peace as taught by O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba and as the tradition has been carried on by his students.

    May it be well with you.

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    You should try Judo cause your attacker is more likely gonna attack you from behind. From that position Judo teaches throws and other techniques to combat your attacker.

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    depends what it's for

    japanese Ju-jitsu is a good mix:

    - many locks for self defence

    - striking skills

    - style and judo for coordination and shape

    - groundfight for fun

    - good 360° conditioning

    not too rough, it's still a traditional japanese martial art

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