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Steve Slaton, Randy Moss, Desean Jackson for Adrian Peterson, Greg Jenning, Tim Hightower ?

AP and Jenning is on bye week. so i took advantage of him. the only problem is my rbs. Matt Forte will be on bye week too. So I have no solid RB2 next week. basically giving up one week for the long run. But we have side pot on best record most points n superbowl. WOULD U DO IT???

12 team league


Jay Culter

Greg Jenning

Andre Johnson

Adrian Peterson

Clinton Portis

Jason Witten

Nick Folk


Jake Delhomme

Santana Moss

Matt Forte

Pierre Thomas

Tim Hightower

Philly D


Adrian Peterson Play off schedule is mighty tough. haha so I'm thinking about trading him for Frank Gore with an easier schedule. any take on that?

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    If you received AD and Jennings then you made a great move. Your number two RB should be ok next week even though you may not think so. With Reggie Bush out there's a chance that Thomas becomes a part of the running attack even with Duece being back. Thomas has the chance to get some receptions as well if receptions count for your league. Hightower seems to find the endzone once a week with a goalline carry if you choose him.

    Good Luck

    Thats an awful solid team you have for a 12 team league

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    i do unlike this commerce for you. you're giving up argubly 2 of the suited 3 WR's to get a million of the suited 3. You get the suited QB so a techniques this year and you provide up a stable appropriate 10 RB for a rookie which will chop up time. additionally, you might have 2 NE WR's and the NE TE. you would be too NE heavy with their protection. i might stand pat alongside with your group and watch the Carolina QB subject this week to confirm in case you need to use Carr till Bulger gets his act at the same time. St. Louis is only too stable to be 0-3. they'll smash out quickly.

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    You get AP, and based on points, the No. 1 receiver in the league(in my league anyways)

    Looks pretty damn good.

  • you got a very nice team. i say keep it as shown here.

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