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who makes the best tents?

I'm looking to buy a tent that can house anyone from 2 to 8 people, haven't made up my mind yet as to how big, but my question is where can i get the best tent that wont bust the budget? i want something good quality, durable, sturdy and weather proof, but i have no idea what manufacturer, or should i go army surplus? other question is where can i get good camping equipment in one place? anyone know? should i try ebay?

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    the "best" tents are budget busters...unless you are scaling Everest or doing a 20 dayer in the Boundry Waters Id go with a Coleman from Wal Mart..add one person for capacity...if there are two of you,egt a 3 man,etc...as soon as you get it,erect it and spray it twice with Scotch Guard and let it dry good before packing it....believe me,you dont want to bunk with more than 3 people

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    I am not bragging here. Plenty of things I don't know about. But, when it comes to camping, I have done it all; everything from tropical rainforests with 100 degree heat and 100 percent humidity...to winter camping in New England during a blizzard...at 0 F and 2 feet of snow. And yes, I use a tent.

    You can certainly spend a fortune on a good quality tent. If you are planning to go scale Mount Everest, then that's what you have to buy - the best. But, if most of your camping will be done in the the western hemisphere, I have found that Eureka tents are great. They make some 4 season tents that will withstand some harsh conditions. Some are single person tents...and others will hold up to 6 people. I have personally had great luck with Eureka.

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    I have to agree with Mr. New England. There are a lot of specifics you need to answer before making a purchase. If I were going to sleep 8 people in one tent, it would be something I was hopefully going to use for long-term camping (like for at least a week) because it would be a pain to set-up and take down. Even expedition tents like those from Mountan Hardwear are a pain to set-up and take down. Eastern Mountain Sports made a 8 person dome tent a few years ago. I rented one a few years ago. That was a pain to set up too.

    I'd consider a canvas tent or tipi for your needs if it is something you plan to use often and want it to last a long time. Otherwise, I'd see about renting a big tent from a gear store. I normally only use small 2-3 person tents. A good 8 person tent will cost $300+. Why buy if you can rent? I think the one I rented from EMS cost me $50 for 5 days.

    I'd try ebay or craigslist too. Stay away from Wenzel, Ozark Trail, Hillary, and Northwest Territory brands. They're inexpensive and not made to last. Coleman makes good coolers and propane stoves. Their tents aren't as good as they used to be back in the '60s and '70s. Eureka! isn't a bad brand if you want something of better quality but can't afford to break the bank. They make some larger model tents as well.

    http://www.eurekatent.com/p-74-nergy-1310.aspx http://www.eurekatent.com/p-68-pine-lodge.aspx


    Source(s): 25+ years of camping experience. Used to be a supervisor at an outdoor gear store.
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    Eureka Tent Company

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    High Quality Tents

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    This Site Might Help You.


    who makes the best tents?

    I'm looking to buy a tent that can house anyone from 2 to 8 people, haven't made up my mind yet as to how big, but my question is where can i get the best tent that wont bust the budget? i want something good quality, durable, sturdy and weather proof, but i have no idea what manufacturer, or...

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    I used this tent last weekend when I went camping by myself and I am extremely glad I bought this tent! Without looking at the instructions I setup the tent myself in about 2-3 minutes while I figured it all out.

    This tent is huge and so comfortable compared to my last tent which is a Eureka 4 person triangle tent. I love the design of this tent and I am so glad Amazon still carries this model as the new Coleman model is smaller (14x8). Having the extra 2 feet of floor space along the entire length of this tent adds about 28 feet of floor space! I love that it can be split into 2 rooms.

    For me I used the back room for my queen air mattress and my gear and then had 1 of the 2 dividers down on the side of the bed to make it a more private space. In the front room which has massive windows all around I kept a few pieces of gear and had a ton of extra space. I bought some good quality tent stakes to replace the cheap ones the tent comes with and I didnt use the tie-downs. When it got rather windy the tent held up perfectly and had no issues at all.


    - Large tent with lots of storage, sleeping, and hang out space.

    - All the inside seams of the tent are taped as a extra waterproofing method and the floor piece goes up the wall about 6 inches to prevent ground water seeping in as there are no ground level seems.

    - Very easy to setup and take down, even with 1 person it was fairly easy.

    - Good quality materials and fabric.

    - Customizable windows all around the tent which allow either unzipping or unzipping and hanging with straps.

    - Doors on both side of the tent.

    - High ceiling allows you to stand up and walk around the whole tent (unless you are unusually tall).

    - Tent looks really nice and the design is unique. The frame kind of looks like a spider holding the tent up!


    - When packed up the tent is rather heavy to carry around so hopefully you can setup camp where you park and dont have to haul it too far

    - I wish there was a couple more storage pockets on the inside of the tent for little items like keys, glasses, wallets etc. There are 2 now but 2 more would be fantastic

    - When the windows are down/unzipped, there arent any straps to keep the flap neat and tidy, you just have to tuck the flap into the bottom of the window area

    - The last and biggest con would be that I didnt buy one of these a long time ago!!! Such a fantastic tent!!!!


  • You might want to check out the CEC company (Camping Equipment Company). I just ordered the Mars 6 tent.

    It has a waterproof rating of 3000mm.

    If you want a really big tent that doesn't leak like a Coleman the CEC tents seem to be a good choice.

    Just make sure you pick a model that has the floor sewn to the walls.

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    Don't waste your money on Colman or any other department store brand tent unless you are only camping 1 or 2 times a season. You can get great tent deals at Sierra Trading Post or Campmor on much better tents. Sierra Designs, Mountain Hardware, and North Face offer entry level tents that will serve you well for many years.

    Source(s): www.campmor.com www.sierratradingpost.com
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    Don't use one. Unless there's some disqualifying factor (weather, temperature, insects, snakes), sleeping out in the open on a sleeping bag and mat is the most comfortable way to go. Either way, make sure you choose your site carefully. Obviously, you want a flat area free from rocks. But also check that you're not setting-up in a place where water will run through or collect during a storm (especially avoid dry creek/river beds). In hot weather you want a shade and a good breeze. In the winter you want a location that is protected from the wind but not at the bottom of a gully or canyon where cold air will collect. Also pay attention to where the sun will rise and set, and which direction the prevailing wind blows, and the presence of any game trails or heavy signs of predators. Then prepare your site by getting on your hands and knees to get rid of all sticks, rocks and stones. At the same time you'll discover if there's any animal or insect nests that might cause you reason to relocate. Decide how you want to orient your tent relative to the sun and wind. Then find dead, dry leaves, pine needles, grass, ferns, etc., and make a pile about a foot deep and the size of your tent. Spread your ground sheet over the leaves and then setup your tent on top. Make sure your ground sheet doesn't stick out further than the floor of your tent. If you're using a camp cot instead of (or in addition to) a sleeping pad, use furniture coasters (plastic circles or squares used under furniture legs to protect the floor) to keep the cot's legs from sinking into the soil, possibly puncturing your tent floor. I've seen people spread out old comforters under their tent for padding/insulation (instead of leaves), but I can think of better things to carry for that space and weight, even in a car. I use sleeping pads: either a Thermarest Neoair when backpacking or an REI Camp Bed 3.5 when car camping: both are comfortable and provide some insulation from the cold ground. On top of that goes my Campmor 20*F rectangular down sleeping bag, which I'll sleep on top of if it's warm enough, or crawl inside and zip up. I also bring a silk sleeping bag liner that I can use alone in warm weather or with the bag in very cold weather. For a pillow I just stick the dry bag with my spare clothes inside a pillow case. My opinion is that tents are for sleeping and changing clothes. If I'm car camping I bring a small door mat for outside the tent entrance and an LED/battery lantern for inside. But all activities other than sleeping or changing clothes happen elsewhere. So I wouldn't setup a table or chairs inside my tent -- too much temptation for bringing food or drink inside. When backpacking I'll string my poncho if needed to make a dining/sitting area protected from the rain. If car camping I'll have a good size tarp or easy-up canopy, possibly even a screen room for my dining and sitting area.

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    No, not Coleman. Buying a tent is like buying a car. There is a lot of personal preference involved.

    My favorite tents are Marmot, but they are a little pricey. They just have a lot of neat features I like. I have recently discovered Big Agnes tents. They are a lot like Marmot and are less expensive. A good place to check them out is at http://www.outdoor-gear-online.com/ They also carry Eureka and Sierra Designs which are moderately priced.

    If you want cheap, look at Coleman or Wal-mart, but remember, you get what you pay for.

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