Does anyone know of any therapists or psychologists in the northwest suburbs of chicago?

im having some emotional difficulties lol and i dont have anyone to talk to, does anyone know a place i could go to get someone to listen?

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  • Bill P
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    1 decade ago
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    One option is to contact your local library and ask them to do a search for psychotherapists in your local area (they'll usually have access to directories that make this pretty easy for them). Unfortunately, since I don't know your specific town/village, I can't provide a more specific list.

    Beyond that...

    You may want to to contact the Mental Health Network of Northwest Community Hospital:

    If their services aren't a match to what you're looking for, they should at least be able to refer you to another organization.

    Some other options:

    Salvation Army Family and Community Counseling Center:


    Omni Youth Services:



    (depending on your age, of course)

    Again, those organizations should also be able to make a referral if they can't help you directly. Also consider contacting your local township offices (e.g., Wheeling Township, Elk Grove Township, etc.). They all have staff who are able to make social service referrals.

    Hope some of this is useful!

    --Bill Pardue

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