Why does Palin think that New York and other states like...?

Massachusetts,New York,Connecticut,Rhode Island,New Jersey,Delaware, and California are anti-American?

States like NY,MA,RI,NJ,and CT were part of the original thirteen colonies,and now they're anti-American?

She comes from a state that has a Secessionist Party

If I'm not mistaken,none of these states had anything like that

In fact,the Southern States, which claim to be very pro-American are the ones who seceded from the Union,and some people down there still want to fly the Confederate flag, which isn't the American flag


@ miss_ursie_la,yes I did see that SNL skit,but when Palin made those "pro-American" comments,it's clear what states the Republicans think are elitist

In fact,Tina Fey took the words right out of my mouth

Republicans think that the Northeast and California are "elitists"

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    She is appealing to the lowest common denominator in society to preach the kind of hate she does at her rallies. Like Biden said in response, there isn't a state in the union that hasn't sent their children off to war to fight for this country. Palin suggesting it's only rural America that bleeds for the U.S.A. is insulting to all of us who know better.

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    those states mention usually voted for democrats in the last 3 or 4 presidential races. so a campaign tries not waste money campaigning in states with high dems leads. the mccain ticket pulled out of michigan and wisconsin for this reason.

    comments on the southern states those states chose so for economic and life style change the southern aristocracy wasn't willing to part with.

    an alaska is still a very young state and sure everyone state has extreme parties in one form or another

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    I think you are confusing Tina Fey with Palin. Fey was the one who mentioned those states. I'm not sure how you got them confused though - Palin is way prettier and classier than Fey.

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    Remember.....this is a woman who was associated with a group who wanted to succede from the union. Who is SHE to talk about anti American?! I imagine if you own a gun, use it often and can wink and spit tobbacco at the same time you are OK in her book.

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    OMG, you mean to tell me that you can't tell the difference between Palin and Tina Fey. You were watching the SNL skit! Although, I can't stand Palin, and am especially voting for Obama in order to be sure she doesn't get to be president one day, I must correct this dis-information.

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    Sarah just needs some Beano for those constant BRAIN FARTS she has.

    That's why the Pubs hide her. For their ignorance, even they know it is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

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    I guess the Anti American don't believe in the propaganda and wrapping our flag around Lies, propaganda and war profits that Rep's believe in.

    I don't mind being called Anti American because I don't believe in their kind of flag.

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    You know she can see RUSIA from the window of her bedroom.

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    Good question, and I look forward to all the funny answers trying to defend her.

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    When did she say that MA and CT And RI are anti-American? I'm originally from CT, and I listened to her speak in NH last week, and I heard nothing of the sort. Stop with the complex. Seriously.

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