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I am in a Wheelchair & want a dog?

I'm going to get a chihuahua later......What kind should I get???

I'd like a guard/protection dog that won't kill it.....



I am not "Jaded" - I intend to keep this dog for the rest of it's life & don't want to "Get rid" of it later....It will be very loved!!

I got broken into a few weeks ago while I was still in the house & had a gun pointed at my head, Had I been warned by a dog, I might have been more prepared.... (I have mace & a taser but didn't have a chance to get near them) Don't be so quick to judge!!!

I'll most likely take in a older dog from the shelter - I'd like a lab mix....

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    Yes, the dachshund (weiner) dog is a fantastic pet for affection, protection and it's more of an "alert" dog than a "guard" dog. The dogs are small enough to curl up with you when you sleep (keep you warm), jump up onto your lap, small enough to maintain and feed, and are very very easy to train. They are not high-energy either,which is what I like. Mine is sooo devoted. very cute.

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    If you want a good smart protective dog then you need a German Shepherd.

    This breed of dog is easy to train and makes a great companion. With proper training it can get along with other dogs and cats. I have 2 GS, a Beagle and a cat. All of them get along with each other. It all has to do with training.

    I can have the dogs with me in the car, stop somewhere, leave the car running and not worry about my vehicle being stoled or me ever being abducted.

    These boys stay with me in bed when I'm not feeling well. I feel safe at home or on the road. My husband never worries when he's at work or has to do a road trip with work.

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    ...A dog shouldn't be used as a means of protection.

    Get a home alarm system and mace.

    Second, you getting a dog to fit around getting another

    future dog...sounds jaded. Why not focus on

    the first one before thinking about the second?

    Secondly, why not get the dog for a means

    of love and companionship rather than

    protection? A breed doesn't determine

    whether or not certain dogs will get along

    together. It depends on the individual dog.

    You should find a breed however that suits

    your lifestyle. Then in that breed, find

    a dog that has a great personality that

    suits you.

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    If you are wheelchair bound then you may be eligible for a service dog to assist you when you are in stores, maneuvering around in public places, and assisting with simple things around the house.

    These dogs are typically Labs, Retrievers, and GSD's. This may be something to look into and could provide you companionship, and helping you. And I can understanding wanting a larger dog with you because in public it could be intimidating if you are by yourself. Also these dogs will not harm other animals, as they are trained to ignore distractions.

    I hope this is information that you find interesting.

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    If you're in a wheelchair, why not get an assistance dog? I definitely wouldn't get a dog just to fit with a future dog that you may be getting later!

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    Get a nice older lab that doesnt really want to run to far, and he will hang with you everywhere.

    Labs are friendly and also protective but they will not kill or hurt your other dog, you just need to intruduce them.

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    get a german shepherd. often then not, provided they are trained right, they are not attack dogs, but generally those herding breed dogs have that look where they will lock with your eyes and people find it to be very intimidating, this goes with collies, blue/red heelers, and more, I can't think of at the moment :D

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    a wiener dog is a great dog for protection!! and it will be able to jump in your lap and give you a lot of attention! they are such great dogs!

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    I have a half chihuahua half jack russell terrier. He is so small and so affectionate. He is the best!!!

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