what are the rules pf signs in algebra?

what are the rules of signs in algebra

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    -ve + -ve is -ve.

    same -ve + same +ve is zero.

    +ve + +ve is +ve.

    larger -ve + smaller +ve is -ve.

    larger +ve + smaller -ve is +ve.

    -ve multiply or divide by -ve is +ve.

    +ve multiply or divide by +ve is +ve.

    -ve multiply or divide by +ve is -ve.

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    Multiply Divide, Add Subtract

    In any equation you have to

    First: Multiply and/or Divide then

    Last: Add and/or Subtract

    Will not go to the rules of parenthesis in depth anymore. I assume you know the Hierarchy {[( )]}

    Now for the positive and negative symbols. (+ and -)

    Multiplying and Dividing

    + * + = +

    + * - = -

    - * - = +

    Adding and Subtracting

    These are the rules of basic arithmetic, so you should not have any problems here.

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    2 same signs will always give positive result and different signs will always give negative results.

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