how does an English Table Setting look like?

I need information about an English Table Setting. Can anyone help me out? we can't search the internet except for yahoo so i need the exact details here. thankz!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ok you have placemat in the centre with a coaster top right (and possibly top left depending on the nature of the meal.

    you place the plate on top of the mat, with any starter dishes (for instance soup bowls) on top.

    knives on the right, forks on the left (unless you're left handed then switch).

    cutlery for starters on the outside, going inward until the main course cutlery.

    above the placemat you have a dessert fork and a dessert spoon. the spoon handle to the right and above the fork which has its handle to the left.

    if you are having just wine (or just one drink anyhow) then just one coaster on the top right of placemat. if you also have a water jug then one on the left also for that. (again switch if you're a lefty).

    Down the centre you have as many or few placemats / trivets / hot plates as you require for the meal.

    Naturally the main part of the meal (the meat or pie or whatever) goes in the centre.

    have a couple of coasters in the corners for gravy or additional sauces and condiments.

    a salt and pepper shaker in the centre also.

    and that's about it (tablecloths and runners are optional underneath).

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