My 7 month old daughter has what looks like infantile spasms but EEG showed nothing. What could this be?

My lil girl has been to cardiologists and neurologists and they cant find anything. She has what appears to be seizures .Her knees curl up her hands clasp in front of her and eyes glaze over.They mimic infantile spasms . She is developmentally advanced by a couple months and has just recently started waving saying hi and at 5 months says Mom. The Dr's are puzzled now she has to do a 48 hr study at the hospital . Any one have a clue what this could be?


She had 3-4 of her seizures or spasms while hooked up to the EEG and nothing. She hasnt had an MRI

Update 2:

She doesnt show any personality changes and usually its when she is tired. She screams out as she is coming out of it. She seems to have a high pain tolerance.

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    I would ask them to look at her tummy, my daughter had something similar and she had a problem with her digestive system, she eventually grew out of it with no treatment, it was something to do with her gut not being able to digest proteins as it was immature. She was tested for epilepsy and other neurological problems until a doctor at the hospital decided to test her gut.

  • Has she had an MRI? That can show more than an EEG. Have the doctors seen her seizure-like activity? My son had seizures when he was 1 week old (from meningitis), we had the hardest time trying to explain to the doctors what he was doing. My husband video-taped an episode so they were able to see for themselves. Hopefully they'll come up with some answers for you during her 48 hour hospital study!

    Blessings to you! She sounds like an absolute doll. I hope you're able to get some reassuring news soon!

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    Doesn;t sound like it was the pears. Sounds like more likely there was a big gas bubble in her tummy and it came up the front. My son has done that a number of times, especially after drinking. Many things can cause babies to vomit and its likely harmless, just a freak thing. You can hold off on the pears, but unless you see a rash or other irritation then its unlikely an allergy. Maybe you want to consider not feeding her to the point of falling asleep. When she falls asleep she loses the ability to know when she needs to burp it out. So it likey just built up and the excess liquid going down to the tummy just overloaded her, or she choked a bit and it all came up. Its frustrating, but maybe take the bottle out when she falls asleep. If she wakes up for more, give her more, but she is old enough that she probably doesnt or shouldn't need to fall asleep with the bottlein her mouth. But yes, try the pears in another week and see if she has the same reaction. I would try giving her new foods always in the morning, then if she reacts, you have the whole day to deal with it :)

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    all i can think of is epilepsy as it doesnt constantly show in the brain when tested for, and sometimes will only show during a fit or siezure. so its easily missed, even by a neurologist.does she show pain during thm? also is ther any personality changes before the spasms?

    Source(s): im a student nurse.
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