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Alice in Wonderland Costume?

So, I have the basics - the dress, the tights, the shoes, the blonde wig, the hairband... and i'm making her like a dead / gothic alice.. so i have fake blood. And i'm using black make up.

What else shall i use to complete my costume?


I want to go as like a Psychotic Killer Alice in Wonderland.. so yeah'!

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    What about a hairband with a dagger/sword that looks like It goes through the head.

    What about a scary Cheshire cat to finish off the look


    You can buy cats like that

    Forbidden Planet store in ediburgh has similar things

    Plus other gothic looking stuff like from

    A nightmare before christmas

    Do searches for

    Malice in Wonderland

    for the darker side of wonderland

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    Killer Alice In Wonderland Costume

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    i did that last year, cept i called her "malice in wonderland". it was cute because i dressed my son up as the white rabbit. i took a french maid outfit, and converted it into the costume i needed. i had cool tights with spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs on them. i wore a black wig with a heart ribbon in my hair, and had black shoes. my make-up was simple, but a little gothic looking. you may want to carry something like a knife. you may want to kinda distress the costume too. maybe put some rips in it. if it has a petticoat, perhaps let some of the tool or whatever it used to hang down, from under the skirt. good luck and have fun!

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    im going as alice in wonderland too!! (: well anyway, you might want like a basket or even a kitten because she has one of those in the book.. like get a black cat or even a stuffed animal would work.

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    maybe some black lipstick and white powder for the face! you could also like get a character from the movie and put blood on it!

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    Have like bleach blonde hair all like styled with a short little blue dress and black flip flops.

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    You should attatch Chesire to your face with claw marks

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    Axe with blood on...?

    Knife in head maybe...?

    Dead cheshire cat...?

    Cards ripped in half...?

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    If you want to make it kind of pretty/hot I'd use fake lashes too

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    A Wonderbra (and maybe a set of drills).

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