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How do I improve my team?

I'm in first but hope to improve my team right now before anyone else thinks playoffs, here is my roster, any recommended moves?

QB1 Kurt Warner

QB2 Brett Favre

WR1 Reggie Wayne

WR2 Lee Evans

WR3 Santana Moss

RB1 Marion Barber III

RB2 Tim Hightower, Dominic Rhodes depending on matchup

TE Owen Daniels

K Jason Elam

Players on Bench

WR Torry Holt

QB Gus Frerotte

WR Joey Galloway

DEF Buffalo

DEF Green Bay

DEF Arizona

Available FAs: Philadelphia DEF (I am attempting to claim dropping Arizona or Green Bay, which one should I drop of those two?), also TE Greg Olsen RB Justin Fargas WR Javon Walker RB Ahman Green, QB Tyler Thigpen and RB Warrick Dunn

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    No big problems with your team from what I can see.

    Hightower isn't the best RB2 but he's still pretty good, and he does do must of the scoring in AZ. I think Philly's D would be a nice one to have. They are good at stopping the Run game and have some good people in the secondary. Olsen might be a nice pickup, I picked him up this week and he did pretty good against the Vikings. Fargas, Walker, and Ahman Green shouldn't really be looked at too hardley, they aren't going to produce consistently, they might not even produce at all some weeks. Thigpen is in a bad situation in KC, they are just terrible and he's not ready to handle an NFL team by himself. BUT Dunn may have some potential. Whenever Addai returns and Rhodes goes back to doing nothing on the side line you might want to hit up Dunn who seems to be revamped playing once again in Tampa Bay.

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    First of all, why do you have three defenses?...Having even two is a hassle...Drop Green Bay and/or Buffalo.

    Dominic Rhodes is going to lose carries to Addai once he's back and so I suggest you pick up Dunn once Addai is healthy. Also, drop Galloway (why do you still have him?) and pick up Fargas.

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    why do you carry 3 DEF? get one like Philly and get players you need it also keeps them from the other teams trying to catch you, good luck!

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