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I need help applying for MEDICAID and WIC?

I recently heard that i can no longer apply to Medicaid in this true? If so..who can i call for help when im applying? I need to apply for myself and my unborn baby..i already have insurance until the end of my pregnancy, but after solo..and the baby will be here in December. I have tried calling WIC but all it does is go straight to the answering machine.

How can i get help?

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    Yes, you can apply for Medicaid in person. However, since you obviously have access to a computer, try online first. Much easier and faster. Now, because you did not reference what state you live in, you will need to look up your local Department of Children and Families. They decide who is eligible for Medicaid. For example, I live in Florida and we have a site called that links you to the application process for Medicaid and lists what the requirements are to be eligible. In addition, it links you to information regarding the WIC program and information about food stamps. One last thing, Medicaid is controlled by state but also the county in which you reside. Meaning, once you have applied for Medicaid, your agent or case worker will be one who represents your county of residence as laws and regulations vary form county to county, state to state, and they will be your contact throught the duration of your need for assistance.

    Source(s): My career exsists of medical insurance billing for 9 years.
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    I know you can apply for WIC, not sure or familiar with Medicaid specifics! For wic all you need to bring is an earning statement, Bill with your address and a photo ID

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    Its different per colorado i went to the office and applied in person. But in Kansas where I live now it is by mail only.

    look in the phone book under wic office here has certain days that they are open and in the office...all other days they are out on location doing voucher picups. Look them up and make sure that you have the number correct.

    Also what hospital do you plan on delivering at? Go to the Labor and Delivery station and ask for resource information..they will have lots of it.

    Also contact your local SRS or health department..they will know where you can go next.

    Source(s): been there three times over.
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