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Describe the divisions between Urban and Rural Americans during the 1920s?

Describe the divisions between Urban and Rural Americans during the 1920s. What values did rural folks have that they believed were in opposition to urban values? How did some of the divisions/disaffections manifest themselves

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    Rural folks thought marriages were forever and divorce a mortal sin. In the cities, divorces just happened. Everyone did it.

    Rural folks worked hard and their entertainments were fairly simple and home grown (local dances, hay rides, rodeos, and such). Even those with disabilities managed to find some thing they could do and, as long as they tried, they were helped by their neighbors.

    In the city, you had all these entertainments. You could go to a play any time. Work days were a lot shorter than in the country and folks had weekends off. There were professional bums who made their living by not working and others who were forced to beg because no one cared about them and couldn't distinguish them from the bums.

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    pal, To make the element straightforward ,'' WITH THE income OF AN city detrimental individual in line with month' ' TEN detrimental RURAL persons CAN thankfully stay entire MONTH .which would be A luxury TO THEM.''

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