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What team will [Insert FA Pitcher here] make the biggest difference?

What team will Jake Peavy make the biggest difference in the starting rotation?

What team will Cici Sabathia make the biggest difference in the starting rotation?

What team will A.J. Burnett make the biggest difference in the starting rotation?

What team will Ryan Dempster make the biggest difference in the starting rotation?

What team will Ben Sheets make the biggest difference in the starting rotation?

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    Jake Peavy

    He could make the biggest difference for the Atlanta Braves. The Braves has been the odd team out of the NL East that has been define by the Mets and Phillies. The Braves do have the package for Peavy and could be the best pitcher to come to Atlanta since Greg Maddux, maybe better. They may not be competitive but he could make life miserable for the NL East, which already feature Johan Santana and Cole Hamels...yikes.

    CC Sabathia

    Sabathia could make the biggest difference for the Angels. Arte Moreno said he was going to cut back on spending after miserable signing to Gary Matthews and Torii Hunter. There possibly not in line to resign Mark Teixeria and Sabathia would love to stay closer to home in the OC. Sabathia is consider insurance should John Lackey bolt in 2009 so this could be a good investment for the Angels in the long run.

    A.J. Burnett

    He could make the biggest difference for the Yankees. The Steinbrenners have a big history of signing overachieving players (i.e., Burnett former teammate Carl Pavano) and Burnett falls into that category. The rotation needs help after it was exposed last season when Wang went down. Burnett is just a strikeout specialist in the roation full of softies (with exception to Joba if they put him on the rotation).

    Ryan Dempster

    Dempster could make a difference with the Dodgers. If you can't win against them, join them. Dempster might be the most underrated 16 game winner in the market, mostly because he won 14 games at Wrigley. Derek Lowe will soon leave the Dodgers (possibly along with Brad Penny) and the original Blue Crew needs another inning-eater to join the young staff that consist of Chad Billingsley and Clayton Kershaw (don't forget Hiroki Kuroda, their best pitcher in the postseason). Like Lowe, Dempster is a closer turn starter who going to cash in a big year. He'll come with a big price but the Dodgers can afford him at this point.

    Ben Sheets

    Sheets could make a difference for the Astros. A Texas native, the former member of Team USA would like to return home and 'ace' Roy Oswalt would like some help on the rotation (Can you blame Oswalt for being the only good pitcher in the rotation?). The presence of Sheets could make the Astros a dangerous team in the NL Central that's already pack with the Brewers, Cubs, and Cardinals.

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    CC Sabathia-Brewers



    Sheets-Red Sox

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  • kaser
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    i might desire to slender that checklist all the way down to Jon Lester, Volquez, and Scherzer. yet it is barely from the numbers they have positioned up this 365 days. Volquez is putting up CY youthful type numbers, wearing a checklist of seven-a million with an era of a million.33 and staggering out sixty two batters in fifty 4.a million. This guy is powerful there, if he can stay healthful and save putting up those impressive numbers, he's gonna be large, in certainty, he already is large. Jon Lester, all I gotta say is that the guy is barely 24 years old, and has already been called as much as the vast leagues, AND thrown a no-hitter. no longer many gamers can throw a no-hitter, yet a guy new to the league, and not very experienced throwing one is amazingly spectacular. next in line is Max Scherzer. even nevertheless he has a checklist of 0-2, he has a 2.33 era. He has struck out 23 batters in 19.a million innings, to boot as purely strolling 7. He has a bright destiny, and that i desire he maintains to pitch nicely.

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  • Anonymous
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    Peavy - Mets

    CC - Brewers

    Burnett - Astros

    Demptser - Braves

    Sheets - Brewers

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    You could have saved a huge amount of time by just listing the pitchers. we could have figured out where to insert the name.

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    not the cubs.

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