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jude asked in Society & CultureEtiquette · 1 decade ago

Ideas for Christening gift?

My Sister is having my Nephew christened mid November, but I am clueless to what gift to get.

She is having 3 godfathers and 3 Godmothers...which I thought was strange, so I am assuming they will buy the statutory - bible, silver spoon fork knife, etc. When he was born I got my sister a Tiffany solid silver picture frame, but have no idea for a great original gift for the christening. Any ideas really appreciated. Thanks

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    It depends whether you want a traditional present or a more original Christening gift ... it also depends on your budget.

    When my nephew was Christened I got him a sterling silver chip fork because I knew he would be given lots of traditional gifts. My brother is pretty well off, so a slightly quirky present "for the boy that will do everything in style' seemed appropriate.

    If you prefer to go traditional, a stylish boy's gift is a silver tankard or cup.

    Also, think about a St Christopher medallion for protection throughout life ... I've put a link to christeningsilver.com below ... they've some good stuff

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  • 1 decade ago

    Start a baby book for her

    A piece of jewellery to give to the baby when he turns 18 that is engraved

    A figurine that has been engraved (I knew a family that had a stone turtle engraved with the baby's name and birth date which i thought was quite cute)

    Or open a bank account for the baby with a small some of money to hand over to them when they are off to uni or 18.

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    Difficult: first thoughts the complete works of Douglas Adams, that may in time develop the barking mad sense of humor that I find so uplifting. Or maybe Oscar Wilde the greatest wit of all time.

    Jocking aside a crucifix. He is being baptized, maybe he will not follow the faith but he may find comfort in that symbol when times are bad.

    But most importantly be there for him.

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  • prime
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    4 years ago

    even though it is not classic for human beings to purchase their infant a contemporary i wanted to offer my daughter some thing. My mum gave her a bible, her god mom and dad gave her a christening bracelet and her aunties gave her a St Christopher's. i offered her a sterling silver bookmark, with a ballet shoes pendant. theory could be slightly unusual and that i unquestionably desire that she'll be keen on analyzing whilst she gets older. i offered it on line, yet i do no longer undergo in innovations the place from, i understand that I merely googled sterling bookmarks although.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Nothings wrong with an engraved frame

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    The early years boutique have a beautiful range of christening gifts on their website and they ship worldwide, check them out here http://www.teyboutique.com/collections/christening...

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