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Hockey Stick: TPS R1 inter?


I am about to buy a new hockey stick. I am looking for a lightweight, fairly cheap stick with low flex.

The TPS R1 Intermediate has 65 flex and I can buy it for £55 here in UK. Can anyone recommend this stick? Would I be better off buying a different stick?

I am 162cm, around 60kg and 25 yrs.

Thanks in advance!


Also, does anyone know whether this stick has a normal size blade?

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    I just bought this exact stick a few weeks ago with the senior Frolov model. it is sweet!! dont hesitate. its a great stick with good flex. I am about to buy an additional one to have as backup too.

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  • 4 years ago

    Steve is very correct all sticks are PP No one on here can tell you which one would be better for you. Now The TPS R8 is the stick I am currently playing with. It is a 2 piece matched with a tps 12k blade and the other poster is incorrect about the balance these sticks are not balanced the greatest. Balance should not really be a huge factor for you. You can add a but end some extra tape plenty of things to do to balance it correctly. I would not go with Mission I just do not like them but once again that is personal preference. Make your own decision the tps is going to have a longer taper then the mission IE better snap and wrist shots. Check out this board for all the latest reviews and info

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