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how to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide?

what 2 things could i do or change in everyday life that would reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere ?

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    planting more trees especially neem trees.... since neem absorbs more CO2.. use only renewable sources of energy. use solar power for ur vehicles and for cooking,for power ur houses, use mass transport system like bus,train...use bicycles..!! use renewable energy sources like wind power,nuclear power, tidel power, solar power,geothermal power..... use hydrogen fuels..!! if everyone follow this.....our earth will become a heaven

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    How To Reduce Carbon Dioxide

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    how to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide?

    what 2 things could i do or change in everyday life that would reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere ?

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    a great way of reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, especially when used in conjunction with carbon filters which collect 90% of CO2 emissions from smokestack industries.

    Granted, there would have to be millions of these to make a dent, but they are definitely part of the solution. Or they would be if this were really about reducing carbon dioxide and saving the planet from global catastrophe.

    The environmentalists should applaud this technology and welcome it to the battle. Instead, it is dismissed and condemned because it allows us to maintain our current lifestyles:

    “There’s no magic bullet to save us from the problem of global warming,” said Kert Davies, an energy expert for Greenpeace USA in Washington, D.C. Removing greenhouse gases so readily will not encourage people to develop alternate, renewable technologies, he said, and strive for energy efficiency.

    Such techno-fixes also miss the point of the environmental degradation brought on by the use of fossil fuels, he said.

    Lackner told the Telegraph, “I’d rather have a technology that allows us to use fossil fuels without destroying the planet, because people are going to use them anyway.”

    Not necessarily, Professor. If some powerful environmentalists had their way, we would all be controlled by carbon. As I noted before, more than once politicians have suggested we become tethered to individual carbon limits, set by governments who have our best interests in mind, of course.

    The idea has also been derided as folly because of the cost and the number of filters needed. Kert Davies asked in the link above, “Can you imagine thousands of acres of giant fly swatters across the land?”

    Actually, I can. Right here. And it could easily pay for itself over time, because right in the middle of all those acres of carbon trapping flyswatters, I would put “bioreactors” that use sequestered carbon dioxide to grow algae

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    Plant trees to use up the carbon dioxide already in the air. Burn less carbon containing fuels.

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    Well, you can stop using cars and can cycle or walk to near by places. You can even help by planting more trees. The best way is to control burning of materials and to tune your engine properly so that the amount of CO2 released can be reduced.(I mean to service your engine so that it works in maximum efficiency and thereby reducing the amount of CO2 released) Burning things like plastics and wood will produce a lot of CO2. (If you burn it incompletely, it will emit Carbon Mono Oxide which is even more dangerous)

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    Save energy (which stops power plants from making as much)

    Use cars as little as possible (Saves money too!)

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    1 way, Stop breathing. :)

    2 way, walk to the shops,

    3 way, Re use plastic bags

    4way, turn your gadgets off

    5,way dont trump


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    Stop going to places alone. Practice car-pooling everywhere.

    avoid open burning~

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    use any energy-saving settings in the home

    don't leave unnecessary lights on

    recycle, recycle, recycle

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