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Black Bartelmy was an evil, surly buccaneer who murdered his wife and children and went to sea with a band of pirates as nasty as he. He roamed the Atlantic coast, murdering and pillaging and laying waste to the countryside as he passed. By the time he approached Cape Forchu in Nova Scotia, Black Bartelmy had a ship loaded with treasure; five hundred chests had he full of gold and jewels and goblets and mighty swords.

A thick Fundy fog lay over the bay as the ship approached, and the treacherous Fundy tide soon took hold of the evil man's ship. The crashing, churning waters of the Roaring Bull, that dangerous ledge of rocks near Cape Forchu, took the pirates ship and smashed its hull.

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    黑色Bartelmy是邪惡的,謀殺他的妻子和孩子並且與象他一樣骯髒的一群海盜當水手的粗暴的海盜。 他漫遊大西洋海岸,謀殺和搶劫和破壞到農村當他透過時。 當他在新斯科舍省接近Forchu 岬時,布萊克Bartelmy有一艘裝滿財寶的船; 500個胸他充滿黃金和寶石和高腳玻璃杯和強大劍。

    當船接近時,濃霧中途停留這個海灣,並且奸詐的Fundy 潮不久抓住邪惡的 船。 碰撞,攪拌吼叫的公牛的水,在Forchu 岬附近的危險的岩架,乘海盜船並且撞毀它的殼。


    Bartelmy and

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