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有請聰明大大幫幫忙!!~~~ 翻譯一下

Furthermore, worm-modulated IL-10-producing B cells from IL-4 deficient mice, confer complete resistance to anaphylaxis when transferred to naïve mice [9]. In addition, innate CD25 CD4 regulatory cells have been recently shown to contribute to Th2 polarization during helminth infections by specifically suppression of Th1 development by mature dendritic cells [10,11]. This regulatory network produced by a persistent immune challenge, would offer unifying explanations for the inverse association of parasitic infections and allergic diseases [12]. Paradoxically, allergic reactions have been described against these immunimodulatory parasitic allergens [13,14]. The morbility and severity of helminth infections have been drastically reduced in westernized countries, but for many years little interest has been paid to clinical allergic responses to certain parasites, which are still prevalent in modernized countries. Human infection by Anisakis simplex, has become frequent nowadays due to the overall high rate of fish contamination and the new eating habits. This helminth infection has a strong impact in allergy [13,15–19]. In Spain, it has been estimated that A. simplex allergy may be more prevalent than any specific food allergy in the adult population [20] and compromises as much as 10% of the idiopathic anaphylaxis. In addition, a high rate (13%) of blood donors are sensitized to these larval proteins [21] as well as 50% of the fishmongers and the fishermen in Italy [22]. In the Madrid area, 23% of the patients attending to an allergy clinic are sensitized to A. simplex [18]. Curiously, only 20% of them develop allergic reactions. Some A. simplex allergens are being identified [23–26].

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    此外,蠕蟲調整IL 10生產b细胞由IL-4短少老鼠,商談對過敏症的完全抵抗,当轉移到naïve老鼠[9]。 另外,固有CD25CD4管理細胞由Th1由成熟樹狀細胞[10,11的]發展鎮壓最近顯示明確地造成Th2極化在蠕蟲傳染期間。 一個堅持免疫挑戰导致的這個管理網絡,將提供寄生傳染和過敏疾病[12的]相反協會的統一的解釋。 似是而非地,过敏反应被描述了反對這些immunimodulatory寄生變態反應原[13,14]。 蠕蟲傳染morbility和嚴肅在被西化的國家激烈地減少了,但是許多年一点利息被付了對對某些寄生生物的臨床過敏反應,是流行在現代化的國家。 由Anisakis單工通信制的人的傳染,現今有成為的頻繁由于魚汙穢和新的饮食习惯的整體高速率。 這蠕蟲傳染有強的衝擊在過敏[13,15-19]。 在西班牙,估計A.單缸過敏比在成人人口[20]和妥協的所有具體食物过敏也许流行多达10%先天過敏症。 另外,一種高速率(13%)的输血人使敏感對這些幼蟲蛋白質[21]並且50%魚販子和漁夫在意大利[22]。 在馬德里地区,出席過敏診所的23%患者使敏感對A.單工通信制[18]。 好奇地,仅20%他們开发过敏反应。 一些A.單缸變態反應原被辨認[23-26]。

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