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請問有達人可以翻譯一小段文章嗎? 送20點

請問有達人可以翻譯這一段文章嗎? 中文翻英文會比較好了解



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    The training of nursing at Taiwan which arranged by japanese was stared since 1898, however, the first 10 years of the training was only provided for japanese nurses who work in Taiwan.

    "Teaching Institution of Nursing" which open taiwanese up to be trained was established until 1907 at Taipei hospital (now National Taiwan University, College of Medicine)

    ((抱歉, 這段的台北病院跟看護養成所我都是自己翻的, 可能要再確認一下是有正確的專有名詞喔!! 不過台北病院就是現在的台大醫院~ 所以我後面有加一個框框!! ))

    At the begining, the students were not trained by professional nursing workers but by doctors in the hospital. Also, the hole term of traing was only accomplished in the hospital.

    Since the status of nurses was only higher than handy workers ,nurses have to respect any other people in the hospital which humbled them in not only the learing period but even when they were already registered nurse.

    Moreover, during the Japanese-Occupied Period, nurses have to do a lot of things for the doctors such as cloth-washing and shoes-cleaning. The custom has not only break the spirit of nurse but also creat the self-abased of it.

    Nevertheless, this situation was released since modern training of nursing which introduced by Britain and America replaced the traditional one in 1948. It has improve the nursing system and the status of nurse.

    ps因為不知道怎麼翻看護婦養成所 所以上網查了一下資料 結果發現好像年份跟您提供的不太一樣耶??

    請見 好像他更早就成立了??? 你要不要在確定一下??

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