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High Schools - NYC - SHSAT ?

I am taking the SHSAT next week and if I don't pass then what High School should I consider applying to?

I live in Queens....But I want a school with a good education not less than Bronx Science or Brooklyn Tech.

Like Townsend Harris.

Any opinions or recommendations?

Here is a link to the High Schools in NYC:


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    Good luck on your examination. The top 15 high schools in the New York City area, in no specific order except for the top 3, are:

    1. Regis (Catholic/All Boy)

    2. Stuyvesant (Public/Co-ed)

    3. Bronx Science (Public/Co-ed)

    4. Xavier (Catholic/All Boy)

    5. Fordham Prep (Catholic/All Boy)

    6. Staten Island Tech (Public/Co-ed)

    7. Townsend Harris (Public/Co-ed)

    8. Dominican Academy (Catholic/All Girl)

    9. Brooklyn Tech (Public/Co-ed)

    10.Archbishop Molloy/St. Ann's (Catholic/Co-ed)

    11.St. Francis Prep (Catholic/Co-ed)

    12.Collegiate (Private / All Boy)

    13.Trinity (Private/Co-ed)

    14. Horace Mann (Private/Co-ed)

    15. Brearley (Private/All Girl)

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    They don't look at anything else other than the SHSAT test. That's why the paper received on 2-8-08 gave you an option of Stuyvesant already.

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