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what was the real drama between danity kane?

Diddy said there was drama goin on with audrea and the Ebony & Ivory clique (aubrey & d.woods)..he says it was in gossip magazines an websites but i don't think i ever saw anything that said there was drama between them..all i ever saw is the gossip sites bashing on aubrey on how much of a hoe she is..socan someone please fill me in on what drama he is talking about..thank you

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Basically it boils down to the fact that Aubrey was pursuing other options and didn't consult with Diddy about the image she was presenting. She was giong the more scantily clad route and also her attitude was a little crappy...telling Diddy that management should talk to them when they want to do a project with someone alone...well, on that I thought Diddy was right and that he should never have to check in with the girls. If they had a problem, they should ask management about it. I think the drama Diddy was referring to between A&A was because Aundrea was frustrated with Aubrey pursuing so many other venues other than being in the band and Aundrea was happy to live her dream of being in the band. I think she felt that Aubrey was being disrespectful in pursuing so many other outlets - broadway, modeling, provocative interviews with men's mags, a clothing line - it all took focus off of the group.

    Generally though, the attitude from Aubrey was much different than the attitude of the rest of the girls. She seemed like she was always pissed off at Diddy and wasn't very respectful when they were in meetings. I'm sure that some of it was justified, but Diddy is one of those guys where his ego is far too big to deal with someone acting like a diva. He told her last season that he didn't like her hair and how she was portraying herself and she's continued on that. Whereas, when he told Shannon that he didn't like her red/brown hair she changed it back blond.

    I think the way that Diddy went about it though was pretty rotten, although it was predictable with the way that Aubrey was talking to him. If she really had problems, she should have tried to talk with him in private so that he wouldn't have felt like he had to kick her out of the group when she was disrepectful and questioning his methods.

    Also Dawn was just quoted in an article saying that Aubrey just posed topless for a men's mag and says she likes porn, hangs out with Jenna Jameson, etc. Dawn said they had just been at an event for 13-14 year olds and that the image that Aubrey was portraying wasn't a good role model for young girls.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think there was documented drama but they never did go anywhere together. One person was always missing

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