Have u ever been in a car crash?

well i just got in a car crash on friday...im fine i didnt get hurt but my car got totaled :( it was my first car and only had it for a year...im 17 and been driving 1 year with license and 2 if u count permit driving, it sucked


have u ever been in a car accident

were u hurt

how old were u the first time u got in one, and how long have u been driving for

how many accidents have u had

give details about the accident if u want...im just curious to know about this =p im pretty sad about my car it was great having that freedom to drive around urself :(

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    Ok, so I had like the exact same thing happen to me. I was in a wreck the night before new years eve. I was coming home from work, and went to turn left at an intersetion. I was driving a stick shift car, and it died in the middle of the intersection. Just as i got it back on, my green arrow turned to red, and they got the green. And the lady who I was in a wreck with, just went and crashed straight into my car. I was so angry!!!!

    They then blammed the whole accident on me, and I got no car.

    I was 16 and had my license for about a year.

    I wasn't hurt too bad. A few bumps and bruises.

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    Yes. In March of this year, I was 17 and had my license for a year. I was driving home from, I think, a friends house and a drunk person decided to slam his truck into my car and I lost control of mine, then my car rolls into a ditch and flips once and lands back on the tires. I got a concussion from it and my back and my knee got banged up and it broke my nose. I actually don't even really remember any of this, but this is what I have been told what happened. The car was totaled. This was my first accident and hopefully my last.

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    Whew! Glad your OK! I've had a few. 14yrs old with two girl friends, car flipped in the ditch. I remember hearing the ambulance guy talking in the restaurant the next day about how if anyone else besides the driver had been in that car, they would have died instantly. The top was completely crushed down on to the seat! Good thing there were no seatbelt laws back then!!!!!

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    Yes, driving down a country road and a vehicle was stopped without 4 way hazards on. I was going about 40 due to ice and snow (Ohio in December) and was unable to stop so my options were rear end the vehicle in front of me, head on the car in the other lane or take the 10 foot drop in to the field next to me. Took the field as the safest bet not to injure anyone else and rolled my vehicle 3 times. Happily i walked away with a scar on my forehead from where the sunroof busted out and some internal bruising. Totaled my truck but no one was seriously injured

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  • IU have had my number of "fender benders".

    But I also had 1 that totaled my car.

    I guess it was about 10 years ago (total approximation).

    I fell asleep while driving home from a double shift.

    I fell asleep on I-95, a major highway (as you may know) in Va.

    When I fell asleep I crashed into, a large truck, carrying those big rolls of telephone wire.

    I broke a rib, but returned to work the next day.

    Source(s): The Emts, firefighters, and police that saw the wreck said I should have been killed.
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    I was in an accident on 9-11 last year. It was horrible....thank goodness I was driving a big Dodge diesel at the time. I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance....I had never been in an ambulance before. I wasn't horribly injured, but my truck had the back end messed up.

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    yes i was in a car accident last year in january i was in the back seat and my friend was driving and his girlfriend at the time was up in front and we were on our way to my house and this guy behind up hit us so hard the gas tank was right above the driver's tire i was the only one hurt with a back strain and it still hurts. i was totally in shock the whole time.

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    i've been in one...i was with my family and my mom was driving...and this lady did an illegal u-turn and she didnt see us and we flipped over..

    i got a cut on my knee and i was coughin up blood...(pretty gross)

    my brother got hurt the worst...his eye got cut up pretty bad and he broke his arm..

    i was about 11 when this happened...

    i'm only 14 but i noe how to drive i learned when i was 11...hehe

    i've been in 2 accidents....the otha one i was with my aunt and we got hit by a drunk driver...it was in freakin daylight too!!!!!! but we were both okay...the car got totaled though....

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    yes i've been in a car accident.

    i could have been hurt more than i was.

    the first time i was in one? i was like 4 or 5.

    i've been driving for three years, since then i've been in one.

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    But my mom was.

    And she did get hurt, not serious injuries

    but she had to be taken to the hospital.

    It sorta traumatized me..I was only 10 and I

    thought she would die!



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