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Which Presidential Nominee shows the best understanding of the appropriate role of the Supreme Court Justices?


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    Let look at one important case, the case of Kennedy V. Louisiana that was settled last year. Louisiana had a statute the permitted the death penalty for molesting a child. The Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision overruled the State of Louisiana saying that was to harsh of punishment for a non capital offense. So that brings us to Obama and McCain. In an interview McCain said he would appoint justices like Roberts and Alito who sided with the state of Louisiana, Obama said he would appoint justices like Ginsburg, and Suder who sided with a child molester.

    Think about what I just wrote up there if your a parent. Obama would appoint justices who feel that the harshest punishment available is to much for a child molester.

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    Sotomayor has a ton of judicial experience, is rated as a average, and has been appointed to judicial positions via Republicans and Democrats. What i do in contrast to, is now that the Republicans have not got a Filibuster (have not got 40-one Senators) Obama might desire to positioned forth a Liberal, ideally somebody who writes nicely and is alluring, because of fact they would be writing a large style of dissenting comments. playstation . we don't constantly get the "terrific" candidate. Do you truly think of Roberts merits to be the preferrred court chief Justice? Scalia or Thomas might desire to have been moved over, if Bush have been searching for the "terrific" candidate. All everybody does is %. a qualified candidate that has studies that lead them to an exciting candidate.

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    In my experience with lawyers, witch goes from being represented to dating to socializing with them I have to say that I agree with Sam Clemens.

    We should hang all the lawyers. It might not do any good, but, it would be enjoyable and it couldn't hurt anything.

    For some reason when Barack Obama correctly described the United States Senate recently people thought he was joking.

    I can't imagine why.

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    Obama said he would give SCOTUS nominees a pop quiz to see if they meet his standards.

    Come to think of it Obama has a lot of Pop Quiz issues he wants to institute.

    He might start the DOPQ Department of Pop Quize

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    Barack taught Constitutional law at the University of Chicago. McCain believes in carrying a big stick. You make the call.

  • McCain. Because the Justices are supposed to up hold the Constitution/law. Not legislate from the bench.

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    not McCain.

    He thinks he can appoint a few judges and instruct them to overturn Roe vs Wade.

    Lets not even discuss Palin's knowledge of the Supreme Court, she don't even know the duties of the position she is running for.

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    Since he taught constitutional law, I'd say Obama

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