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On the sims 2, everytime i try to save a lot, my computer goes to the blue screen of death.?

Everytime I try to save a lot, my computer crashes, and goes to the blue screen of death. :(

How can I prevent that from happening?


asshole >:O

Update 2:

well, it goes to the bsod, and then all i need to do is restart my comp, but when the big one shows up, it's when i restart, and it goes to the bsod.

but nvm i resolved it. it was because i had any cc

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    Do you mean the Blue Screen of Death as in the Windows blue screen with white lettering? That only resoves itself with a complete reboot? (if you're lucky) Because that is what the Blue Screen of Death is. If that describes your problem see here:

    If however what you're experiencing is only the game crashing to a blue screen, (not a full-on actual computer crash)

    there could be a number of reasons. Incompatible custom content, corrupted game files, or specs that don't meet the game requirements are the first ones that come to mind. See here first:

    If that didn't help then it's probably custom content causing the problem. see here:

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    maybe sims 2 isent compatable to your computer

    haha idk

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