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who has the biggest heritage mix ? ?

meaning who has a family background that has many ancestres coming from alot of countries.

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    My ancestors were Cherokee, Algonquian, and also came from England, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Turkey, Hungary, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Greece, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Transylvania (now a part of current day Romania), Belgium, Israel (Jerusalem), and Egypt. Some of my ancestors knew famous people. Some of my ancestors were famous people. Some fought in the Civil War, some in the Revolutionary War. Some fought in the Crusades. Some were white from all the different European countries. Some were black from Africa. Some were Native American. Some were farmers. Some were royalty. Some were even canonized as Saints. Some were government figures that wrote the laws and some were famous outlaws. Some of my great-grandfathers include King Louis IX of France who was canonized as St. Louis, William Byrd who was the founder of my hometown, Richmond Virginia (Westover Plantation), Major Peter Jones, for whom Petersburg, Virginia was named after, Chief Powhatan, King Edward III of England, William the Conqueror, and many others. And I am the sum of all of them rolled up into me.....the royals and the farmers. The commoners, the famous, and the infamous. Each had an equal part in the creation of me. No title, nor money, nor historical standing makes any one of them more important than any other in creating me and contributing to my DNA.

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    I think people who look down on others are ignorant. Most I have noticed live in States where they are not used to the diversity. I am latin and havev lived in the South and goodness people there can be so prejudice. Funny thing though I went there found a job pretty fast and made more money than alot of people there. I speak Spanish and English so that gave me an upper hand in alot of stuff. It's not wrong to have children of mixed races, we are all human in the end, right? Judgmental people need to look in the mirror.

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    My children are Norwegian, Swedish, Irish. Scots-Irish, German, English, Italian-by-way-of Spain, French Canadian and Scottish.

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    Torres Straight Islander/ Aboriginal Australian/ French/ Scottish/ Cornish/ and lastly (and least of) English.

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    I am Cherokee, Creek, Irish, German, French, and English, that I know for a fact. My dad said we had Spanish but I have found no evidence yet.

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    Let's see.

    I'm Korean, Japanese, German, Irish, French, maybe a little polish, Hawaiian, and did I mention I'm also English? :D

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    I am portuguese an Irish, my spouse was native american,dutch,french,and english so our kids have all that...6.

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    Im half egyptian,but there might be a little greek mixed in cause my dad has green eyes.

    and from moms side






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    I do not really have that many.

    I am Irish, English, French, and Polish.

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    My heritage is:





    Viking (Norse)



    I love my mix!!!

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