The Library of congress? ?

What does the library carry?

How big is the library?

Can anybody visit?

Is the library separated into different parts? If so how many and what are they?

Does the library contain every single book in the Us?

Where is it located?

Need help please.

Thank you :]

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    The Library of Congress (LOC) is primarily the research library for the members of Congress.

    "The Library of Congress occupies three buildings on Capitol Hill (Washington, D.C.). The Thomas Jefferson Building (1897) is the original separate Library of Congress building. (The Library began in 1800 inside the U.S. Capitol.) The John Adams Building was built in 1938 and the James Madison Memorial Building was completed in 1981."

    "The collection of more than 138 million items includes more than 32 million cataloged books and other print materials in 470 languages; more than 61 million manuscripts; the largest rare book collection in North America; and the world's largest collection of legal materials, films, maps, sheet music and sound recordings."

    The LOC does not include every book published in the U.S.

    Visitors can tour most of the Library buildings to view ongoing displays, view films or attend concerts, but you must be 18-years old and have LOC card to access the main Reading Room of the Jefferson Building. It's truly one of the most magnificent federal buildings and well worth a visit if you're planning a visit to D.C.

    Visit the Library of Congress online for additional information.

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    The library carries over 32 million books and 106 million maps, manuscripts, photographs, films, audio and video recordings, prints and drawings.

    The library is the largest in the world and has over 650 miles of bookshelves.

    Anybody can visit the library.

    Physically, the main library in Washington has three main buildings, the primary of which is the Jefferson Building. There are also off-site locations that house various collections of the Library. The library is also divided into several divisions, most notably the Congressional Research Service, the Law Library of Congress, and the United States Copyright Office.

    The library does not contain every single book, but it carries most of them. Through extensive partnerships throughout the country and the world, the Library of Congress has access to essentially all recorded human knowledge that is currently available. The library receives 22,000 new items every day.

    The main library is located on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. directly east of the United States Capitol, and next door to the Supreme Court of the United States.

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    The Library of Congress was established to support the needs of the US Congress. It serves as the national library for our country.

    It is quite large--there are three main buildings plus several annex buildings.

    Anyone can visit for a tour.

    There is a main reading room, plus several specialized reading rooms.

    It does not contain every single book in the U.S. They choose which books they wish to include in their collection.

    It is located in Washington, DC, on Capitol Hill, near the US Congress.

    For more information, check their website:

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